UN demands Israel lift ‘punitive’ sanctions on Palestinian Authority    The Debate

UN demands Israel lift ‘punitive’ sanctions on Palestinian Authority The Debate

nearly 40 member countries of United Nations have requested Israel to lift the “punitive” sanctions imposed against them Palestinian Authority.

The decision was adopted by 39 nations after Mahmoud Abbas’ government managed to achieve it International Court of Justice (ICJ) investigate the legality of Israeli settlements in occupied territories.

Itamar Ben Gvir, Israel's new Minister of National Security, visited the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

“Regardless of each country’s position on the resolution, we oppose punitive measures in response to a federal advisory request ICJand more broadly in response to a resolution of the general assembly of U.N.and we call for its immediate lifting,” the 39 signatories of a joint statement emphasize.

In this spirit, States have expressed their “unwavering support” for the International Court of Justice and international law as the “cornerstone” of the international order, as well as their commitment to multilateralism.

“We express our deep concern at the Israeli government’s decision to impose punitive measures against the Palestinian people and civil society, following the request of the Palestinian Parliament general assembly of an expert opinion International Court of Justice», you read in the letter.

Among the signatories are countries like Spain, Algeria, chili, Japan either Pakistanamong other.

The sanctions round approved by the Israeli executive on Jan. 6 took place after United Nations General Assembly asked the ICJto urgently comment on the “legal status of the occupation” and “annexation” of the Palestinian territories by Israel, at the request of the Palestinians.

In a decision with 87 positive votes26 against and 53 abstentions U.N. so requested the ICJ to express his opinion and mediate in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The measures include the “Confiscation” of almost 40 million euros for tax collections carried out by the Israeli government on behalf of the Palestinian authorities.

Another sanction will also prohibit it Palestinian Authority the use of the money collected for the families of the accused persons Israel to commit terrorist attacks in 2022.