1685081610 UN after German attack climate activists must be protected

UN after German attack: climate activists must be protected

Without protests, global climate targets would already be out of reach, said a spokesman for UN Secretary-General Guterres. But governments also have to enforce laws


Berlin: 600 stand in solidarity with Last Generation after raids On May 24, 2023, over 600 people joined a demonstration in Berlin, Germany to protest the criminalization of Last Generation. In the morning, 15 apartments were invaded with the suspicion of forming or supporting a criminal organization. Latest Generation demands a speed limit of 100 km/h on motorways, a €9 ticket on public transport and society advice on the climate. Berlin Berlin Germany Copyright: xJONASxGEHRINGx


New York – After the crackdown on the Last Generation protest group, the United Nations highlighted the importance of climate activists and their actions. “Climate activists – led by the moral voice of young people – have continued to pursue their goals even in the darkest of days. They need to be protected and we need them now more than ever,” said a spokesman for UN Secretary-General António Guterres of the German Press Agency in New York.

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