Ultimo disappears from social media for 20 days: The reason for his absence

Ultimo disappears from social media for 20 days: The reason for his absence

Laststage name of Nicolo MoriconiHe has definitely worried his fans and the reason is his absence on social media.

His last post, which was shared on his Instagram profile, is dated August 1, 2022. There he showed himself on a rubber boat, in a summer outfit by the sea, with his beloved partner: the guitar. Here he sang his latest song “Come in my heart” at the top of his lungs and for all his fans. To frame it all, a wonderful sunset instilling calm and peace.

Nothing after this post. In fact, for about twenty days, Last He disappeared from social media by not sharing anything in the stories or on the social network home page. His absence has sparked alarmism from fans, who have started asking, “What happened? Nicolo? There Last disappeared? What’s happening?”.

And it was those directly involved who stepped in and broke the silence. Through a lengthy post on Instagram ig Stories, he explained the reason for his absence. In the background to his words an ironic photo:

I’m Beneee! AO I haven’t done a story in 20 days, not 2 years. Do you know how to use the phone every day? Where does it tell you how much you use it? I need to get it to 20/30 minutes. I don’t want to be the coward who wants to live without a phone, but the fact is, life is better without it. Unplug! However, we will hear from you soon.

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These are the words of Last to reassure his fans. And to commemorate with them an event that definitely shaped his summer (and maybe his life), he also wanted to share a little video. Strictly speaking, it is a fragment of the concert that took place in his beloved Rome on July 17, 2022. In fact, during one of the last dates of its “Ultimo Stadi Tour 2022”, the wonderful Circus Maximus welcomed the incredible number of about 70,000 people, lovers of a single singer-songwriter: Last.