Ukrainian MP Russians want quotwipe out entire citiesquot

Ukrainian MP: Russians want "wipe out entire cities"

Day 88 after the Russian attack on Ukraine:

According to Ukrainian MP Dmytro Lubinets, the Russian occupation of eastern Ukraine is trying to “eliminate entire towns and cities”. Above all, civilian infrastructure is under attack, Lubinets said Monday in the morning magazine ARD, according to the broadcaster’s translation. This affects the power supply and water pipes, but also schools and hospitals.

“It seems that the Russians are not fighting against the Ukrainian armed forces, but against the whole people,” said the parliamentarian. Therefore, Ukraine is appealing to the international public to recognize the situation as a genocide of the Ukrainian people.

The Ukrainian government is making every effort to organize the evacuation of civilians from contested areas, Lubinets said. He rejected Moscow’s claim that Ukrainians were being taken safely into Russia. “Russian propaganda, as usual, distorts the facts,” said the politician. “The Russians are forcing people to evacuate to Russia – that is, with the use of force.” Many children were among those kidnapped.