Ukrainian missiles blow hole in Russian submarine

Ukrainian missiles blow hole in Russian submarine

Following a large-scale Ukrainian attack on the Black Sea port of Sevastopol on the Crimean Peninsula, the damage appears to be enormous.

Long-range missiles seriously hit the Rostov-on-Don submarine, as photos on social media show. There are two large holes in one side of the Kilo-class submarine, and another hole appears to have been ripped into the front of the submarine. The Minsk landing ship was also damaged by rocket fire on September 12.

Ukraine reported recaptures

The Ukrainian military has now reported the recapture of the city of Klishchiyivka in the east of the country, which was long occupied by Russian troops. “I can confirm that this was achieved thanks to the efforts of the 80th Air Assault Brigade, the 5th Assault Brigade and the unified brigade of the National Police ‘Ljut’ (‘Anger’),” the newspaper “Ukrainskaya Pravda” quoted the spokesman as saying. . as Army Group East, Ilya Jewlash, said on Sunday. Several hours earlier, the head of the presidential office in Kiev, Andriy Yermak, published a photo on Telegram that purportedly showed Ukrainian soldiers in the city in the Donetsk region. “Ukraine always recovers,” wrote Yermak.

The Lyut brigade released a video in which it also announced the capture of the town immediately south of the city of Bakhmut. “But the enemy continues to try to reoccupy them,” said one of the soldiers, who held the Ukrainian flag and the flags of the participating military units in front of the camera. The constant noise of battle can be heard in the background. So far there have been no comments from the Russian side. Reports from conflicting parties often cannot initially be independently verified.

Ukrainian drones in the Moscow region

Russia also claims to have intercepted a Ukrainian drone in the capital Moscow region and six others on the flight to the annexed Crimean peninsula. A drone was shot down on Sunday at 1:45 am (local time, 12:45 pm CEST) in the Moscow region’s Istrinsky district, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on the Telegram messaging service. “According to preliminary information, there was no damage or casualties in the area where the debris fell,” Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said on Telegram. Emergency services experts are on site.

During the night, according to the Ministry of Defense, two Ukrainian drones were intercepted on the west coast of Crimea, which was annexed by Russia. Half an hour later, Russian air defense neutralized four Ukrainian drones on the east and northwest coast of the peninsula. Ukraine launched a counteroffensive against the Russian army in early June. As a result, Ukrainian drone attacks on Russian territory and annexed Crimea have increased. Buildings were occasionally damaged, including in Moscow.

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