Ukrainian grain: According to Ankara, a first ship could leave on Monday

Ukrainian grain: According to Ankara, a first ship could leave on Monday

An agreement signed between the warring parties should allow Ukraine to export its wheat reserves. A means of combating the risk of a food crisis.

The Turkish President’s spokesman said on Sunday there was a “high probability” that a ship carrying Ukrainian grain could leave the port of Odessa in Ukraine on Monday morning, under the terms of an agreement reached with Russia on July 22. “There is a high probability that a first boat could leave tomorrow morning if everything is settled by this evening,” said Ibrahim Kalin in an interview with the commercial channel Kanal 7. The latter, however, specified that there were still “one or two points to be settled in the negotiations with the Russians”. “Preparations have reached a point that would allow ships to leave the port of Odessa. These have been loaded, but good logistical coordination is required,” he added.

The resumption of exports was also mentioned at a meeting between Turkey’s defense minister and Ukraine’s defense and infrastructure minister, Ankara said on Sunday. “It is planned to start transportation as soon as possible,” Turkey’s ministry said in a statement.

mitigating the global crisis

The Joint Coordination Center (JCC), responsible for controlling Ukraine’s grain exports across the Black Sea, was officially inaugurated on Wednesday in Istanbul, under agreements signed on July 22. The agreement to lift the blockade — the first significant text both sides are involved in since the conflict began — aims to ease a global food crisis that has pushed up prices in some of the world’s poorest countries.

The CCC must register and monitor the merchant ships participating in the convoys, ensure their tracking via the Internet and satellite, inspect the ships at the time of loading in Ukrainian ports and upon arrival in Turkish ports.

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