Ukraine Zelensky challenges Moscow after Russian withdrawal in Lyman We

Ukraine, Zelensky challenges Moscow after Russian withdrawal in Lyman: “We will put up flags all over the Donbass” Video

“The Ukrainian flag is in Lyman. This week we raised more Ukrainian flags in the Donbass. In a week there will be even more“. So the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in his evening video message on the day the Russians withdrew from the strategically important city in the southeast. “Fighting is still going on in Lyman, but there is no sign of a pseudo-referendum thereZelenskyy continued, referring to the vote required by Moscow in the occupied territories to annex them to Russia. “A vote that still today is condemned by even more voices in the world“. A few hours ago, the army of Kyiv had announced the entry of troops into Lyman, the eastern city Donetsk, one of the four Ukrainian regions annexed by Moscow. «The Ukrainian army has and always will have the decisive vote in the “referendums” of today and in the futureThis was announced by the Russian Ministry of Defense. The Ukrainian President is now demanding the gradual reconquest of the areas conquered by Moscow, thereby confirming the illegality of the annexations wanted by the Kremlin. «What is a pseudo-referendum? Are there two regions of Donetsk? Two villages Yampil in Donetsk region? Are there two villages in Torske?” Zelensky asked via video. «The Ukrainian movement will continue. Our flags will be everywhere».

“To the Russians: Leave your guns or you will be killed one by one”

Zelenskyi then issued a warning to the Russians. “Until you all solve the problem with the one who started it allwho started this senseless war for Russia against Ukraine, you will be killed one by one as scapegoatsnot to admit it This war is a historic mistake for Russia“. Referring again to the Donbass Then he added: “There they have already begun to delve: they are looking for culprits, blame some generals for failure. This is the first bell that should be heard at all levels of the Russian government.”

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