1664715081 Ukraine quotwhile Putin toasted quot Video shock what happens

Ukraine, "while Putin toasted …": Video shock what happens

Ukraine quotwhile Putin toasted quot Video shock what happens

While Wladimir Putin toasted the annexation of the occupied Ukrainian regions of Kherson and Zaporizhia Donbass The fierce clashes between the resistance fighters and the invaders continued. With a ceremony in the Kremlin, the Russian President signed the unilateral annexation of the four regions following farcical referendums that the entire international community apparently deemed illegal.

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Even before the invasion, which began in February, Russia recognized the Kyiv territories as independent from Kyiv Lugansk and Donetsk. From the latter came the video that went viral on social networks: it’s an incredible duel between tanks that, in a few seconds, reproduces the ferocity of the clashes that have been going on for months, especially in Donbass. In the video, two Ukrainian tanks can be seen advancing in a grove and are suddenly attacked by a Russian tank, which manages to blow up one of Kiev’s vehicles.

The video was released by the 155th Brigade of the Moscow Marines and was shot near Yehorivka, which is considered one of the most critical points of the Russian defense: if the Ukrainians managed to break through in this area, they could split in two • Russian troops separating those operating in the Donbass from those active in the south.

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