Ukraine Westerners Proxy War

Ukraine: Westerners’ Proxy War

Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Head of State Emmanuel Macron and US President Joe Biden at the G20 summit on November 15 in Bali. G20 MEDIA CENTER/via Portal

ANALYSIS – With heavy tanks, westerners have taken a new symbolic step in their commitment.

Given a disease diagnosed too late, the means to eradicate it are more difficult, more invasive and sometimes riskier. This is exactly what is happening with the Russian offensive in Ukraine. If westerners had treated the tumor when it was young, during the 2008 war in Georgia or after the annexation of Crimea in 2014, the cure might not have required heavy tanks to eradicate it… But at the time, most of them chose to stay in denial, convincing himself that natural self-healing is possible…

The wars have their own dynamics, and Ukraine’s has gradually weakened in eleven months. For a long time there was no talk of this in Washington, Berlin or Paris. With heavy tanks, Westerners have taken a new symbolic step in their commitment. They finished the difficult balancing act they had been performing for a year. For the United States, this means maintaining an enduring commitment to the European continent.

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