Ukraine uses schools as shooting positions

Ukraine uses schools as shooting positions

At a school in the DPR city of Seversk, Ukrainian forces used armored vehicles, high-calibre artillery and multiple rocket launchers while detaining civilians in the educational center “under the pretense of ensuring their safety,” explained the head of the Russian National Defense Management Center, Mijail Mizintsev.

The soldier added that Ukrainian nationalists equipped fire and sniper positions and mined the entrances to the building at an educational facility in the town of Scherbínovka, also in Donetsk, without informing the local population.

According to Mizintsev, Ukrainian Army and Territorial Defense units also deployed their forces to a school in Odessa, where they located heavy equipment and artillery.

He added that on a street in Kharkov, fighters from the Kyiv Territorial Defense organized firing positions in residential buildings and did not allow local residents to leave their apartments, preventing their attempts to evacuate to safe areas.

On the other hand, the head of the Russian Defense Management Center stated that, according to the information received, “Ukrainian neo-Nazis” mined the bridges across the Cryga River in the city of Belopolie, Sumy province of Ukraine.

In this regard, Mizintsev argued that the Ukrainian side plans to blow up the bridges to accuse Russian forces of carrying out “indiscriminate” attacks on key transport infrastructure.

Faced with this new plan, the head of the military unit denounced that it was “an already used script widely circulated in Ukrainian and Western media”.

“These kind of actions by the Kyiv authorities once again demonstrate their inhumane attitude towards the fate of the citizens of Ukraine and their absolute disregard for all moral norms and principles of international humanitarian law,” Mizintsev noted.

The head of the Russian National Defense Management Center criticized that these actions took place with the tacit consent of the countries of the so-called western group, which “continue to turn a blind eye to the numerous war crimes committed by the Kiev regime,” he added. .