Ukraine: “Tomorrow grain transport will start”.  Putin: “We will defend the borders” The threats from Azov

Ukraine: “Tomorrow grain transport will start”. Putin: “We will defend the borders” The threats from Azov

“The export of grain from Ukrainian ports could start tomorrow, August 1”. This was quoted by Ibrahim Kalin, spokesman for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, from TASS. Turkey played a mediating role between the United Nations, Russia and Ukraine to unblock Ukrainian wheat exports until the deal was signed in Istanbul just over a week ago. Vitaliy Kim, head of the regional military administration, denounced on Telegram the double bomb attack by the Russians “at night” on the “city of Mykolayiv”, which killed two people and wounded two others. Among the victims are Oleksiy Vadaturskyi, “owner of the largest grain trading company ‘Nibulon'” and his wife. “As a result of the bombing, various infrastructures were damaged. In particular, a hotel, a sports complex, two educational institutions and a gas station. Residential buildings were also affected,” the governor said. Nibulon farm based in Mykolaiv, whose owner was killed with his wife, specializes in the production and export of wheat, barley and corn and has its own fleet and shipyard. The first convoy of ships scheduled to depart from Ukrainian ports tomorrow will depart on April 3 after reaching Turkish territorial waters. Turkish media said, citing sources from the Wheat Export Coordination Office. The ships are also inspected in the port of Istanbul. Anyone who does not provide transparent information about ports and disables the movement signal will not be able to enter Turkish territorial waters.

Ukraine Tomorrow grain transport will start Putin We will defend

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“You will be executed with your jackals and your messages,” is the message Ukrainian Azov battalion commander Mykyta Nadtokhia sent to Russian President Vladimir Putin, quoted by the Ukrainska Pravda newspaper, after yesterday’s attack on the prison of… (GRIP)

Putin at the Naval Parade in St. Petersburg
Meanwhile, Russian President Putin attends the naval parade in St. Petersburg and warns that Russia will “firmly guarantee the protection of its sea borders by all means”. During the celebrations, Putin signs the new naval decree, which “defines the boundaries and areas of Russia’s national interests.” “Russia’s new maritime doctrine – he explains – has been approved and we have openly designated the borders and areas of Russia’s vital national interests, both economic and strategic. First of all, these are our Arctic waters, the waters of the Black Sea. , Sea of ​​Okhotsk and Bering Sea, the Baltic Sea and the Straits of the Kuril Islands “and, he assures,” we will firmly protect them by all means “. Therefore, he points out that “Navy skills are a key word”. “She is in capable of confronting all those who dare to invade our sovereignty and our freedom, and successfully and honorably carries out strategic tasks on the borders of our country and in every part of the world ocean.” Then the Russian President announces that the handover of Tsirkon hypersonic missile systems to Russian troops “will begin in the coming months.” “The Admiral Gorshkov frigate will be the first carrier of Tsirkon hypersonic missiles,” said Putin, picked up by TASS It is a powerful hypersonic cruise missile , designed to neutralize large naval units such as aircraft carriers, cruisers, and destroyers.Putin sails aboard a presidential boat to meet military personnel to check ships at the naval parade, which takes place on the Neva. At the opening of the event, Putin congratulated the sailors. This year, more than 40 combat ships, boats and submarines of Russian fleets from the North, Pacific, Baltic and Black Seas will take part in the parade. More than 40 aircraft and helicopters from the Russian Naval and Aerospace Forces will take part in the air part of the parade. Over 3,500 people take part in the parade.

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The drone
Meanwhile, Moscow this morning denounced that an “armed drone attacked the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet General Staff in Sevastopol, Crimea, injuring at least five people.” This was announced by the governor of the peninsula, Mikhail Razvoziaiev. “This morning Ukrainian nationalists decided to ruin the Day of the Russian Fleet,” which is being celebrated in Russia today, the governor wrote on Telegram. The five injured, he says, are all Navy employees. The drone, he says, would have started firing as soon as it entered the building’s courtyard. All of the injured, he added, received medical attention. The governor writes again that the FSB (Russian secret service) is working to clarify the circumstances of the attack, which Moscow attributes to the Ukrainians. Razvozhaiev urged the people of Sevastopol to remain calm and ordered the cancellation of the Russian Fleet Day events planned in the city today. The drone that attacked the Russian Black Sea Fleet commando in Sevastopol is an artisanal, “homemade” type and mounts “a weak explosive device that was detonated in the courtyard of the building”. The five injured, writes Tass, were hit by glass splinters from the windows. It is therefore assumed that the drone was a type of rotor modified for use in war.