Ukraine Russian judiciary validates annexation treaties new sanctions imminent

Ukraine: Russian judiciary validates annexation treaties, new sanctions imminent

On Saturday, Ukrainian soldiers entered this strategic city in the Donetsk region, which was annexed by Moscow on Friday. The loss of Lyman is a major setback for the Russian army, which at this point is unable to control all of the areas in Ukraine it occupies.

Despite these difficulties, the legal process for formalizing the annexation of the Ukrainian territories in Moscow is taking its course: After the annexation treaties were signed in the Kremlin on Friday, the Russian constitutional court judged them to be “constitutional” on Sunday. . Members of the lower house of the Russian parliament will discuss a draft law to ratify the treaties on Monday.

Future penalties?

However, the annexation of Ukrainian territories by Russia is not recognized by the international community. For the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, it “makes the end of the war much more difficult, impossible, almost”. “Russia is losing” the war, but “Ukraine has not won yet,” he said, calling on Europe to strengthen its military arsenal. Separately, Germany, Denmark and Norway announced on Sunday that they would deliver 16 armored car artillery pieces to Ukraine.