Ukraine    Russia, war news today.  More guns in Kyiv, but Berlin is holding back on Leopards.  Cnn shows photos of…

Ukraine Russia, war news today. More guns in Kyiv, but Berlin is holding back on Leopards. Cnn shows photos of…

TO Ramstein the meeting between the United States and allies Coordinate aid to Ukraine. Berlin promises more weapons and equipment for 1 billion euros in the spring, but puts the brakes on the Leopards. “There are advantages and disadvantages, we haven’t decided yet,” said Federal Defense Minister Pistorius. NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg: “For tanks, follow the example of the UK, France and Poland”. but Fly warns: “This will have negative consequences. The West has illusions about a victory for Ukraine.”

Italy contributes to this in many ways on joint efforts in support of Ukraine,” the NATO Secretary General always said, Stoltenberg. Rome “has provided anti-tank and training systems and is also contributing with important humanitarian aid,” he stressed, urging all allies “to do more because Putin is mobilizing more troops and making more weapons.”

An armored vehicle of the Ukrainian army The Italian-made Iveco LMV 4×4 was destroyed during the military special operation,” the Russian embassy in Rome claims. “Fake news,” replies the Department of Defense dryly.

The war in Ukraine, global tensions: what you need to know

Live news from the Ukraine-Russia conflict

Important points

  • 09:47 Kyiv: “Massacre of Russian soldiers, 860 men killed in a single day”

  • 07:50 CNN, photos with missiles from North Korea to Wagner on Russian trains


According to US estimates, there are around 188,000 Russian casualties

According to US estimates, the number of Russian casualties since the start of the invasion of Ukraine may have reached 188,000: the figure was given to the Sun newspaper on the occasion of the Ramstein summit in Germany. The British newspaper attributed the figures to “US defense sources” after US General Mark Milley said Russia had suffered “a huge number of casualties, well over 100,000”. The number of casualties is believed to include both Russian forces and the Wagner mercenary group. Today the army of Kyiv announced that the number of dead Russian soldiers is 120,160, of which 860 were killed yesterday.


Defense Minister of Ukraine Reznikov: “Open discussion with German counterpart on Leopard 2”

Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said he had “open talks” with his German counterpart Boris Pistorius about Germany’s Leopard 2 tanks, urging Kyiv to take on the Russian Armada. “We had an open discussion about Leopardi 2. To be continued,” Reznikov told the BBC after yesterday’s meeting with Western allies. Despite pressure on Berlin, Germany has not yet decided whether to send the tanks to Ukraine or allow other countries to donate theirs. The meeting at the Ramstein base in Germany led to an agreement to supply more armored vehicles, air defense systems and ammunition. But the Leopard 2 is seen as a potential game changer for Ukraine as it is easy to maintain and specifically designed to compete with the Russian T-90 tanks used in the invasion. Under German export law, other countries wanting to ship Leopard, such as Poland and Finland, cannot do so until Berlin gives the green light.


Kyiv: “Massacre of Russian soldiers, 860 men killed in a single day”

Russia lost 860 men in a single day, bringing its casualties to 120,160 since the February 24 invasion. This was reported by the Daily Bulletin of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which has just been published on Facebook, with figures that cannot be independently verified. Therefore, according to the Ukrainian military report, Russian losses to date amount to about 120,160 men, 3,140 tanks, 6,256 armored vehicles, 2,135 artillery systems, 443 multiple rocket launchers, 220 anti-aircraft systems. Russian forces also lost 287 aircraft, 277 helicopters, 4,918 vehicles, 17 naval units and 1,891 drones, according to the bulletin, which states that the data is being updated due to the intense fighting


Three civilians killed in Donetsk

Three civilians were killed and four wounded in yesterday’s Russian attacks in the Donetsk region. Governor Pavlo Kyrylenko reported this on Telegram, stating that two people were killed in Bakhmut and one person in Zhelanne. According to Kyrylenko, it is currently impossible to know the real number of casualties in Russian-held Mariupol and Volnovaha. The Donetsk region in eastern Ukraine is the scene of fierce fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces, while Moscow is trying to occupy the entire Donbass region of Ukraine , consisting of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.

9:00 am

British Intelligence: “Conflict at a standstill”

According to information from the British Ministry of Defense, the most intense fighting in recent days has been concentrated in three sectors. To the northeast, near Kreminna, Ukraine probably made minor gains and successfully defended against a Russian counterattack. Around Donetsk Oblast, in the Bakhmut sector, Russian forces and Wagner Group mercenaries are likely to have rebuilt the city of Soledar after capturing it earlier this week. To the south, in the Zaporizhzhia region, both sides amassed significant forces that engaged in artillery exchanges and skirmishes, but avoided large-scale offensive efforts. Overall, the conflict is deadlocked, the secret service wrote in a Twitter report this morning, but there is a realistic possibility of local Russian advances around Bakhmut


Kyiv: “German indecision on Leopard is a disappointment”

Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Andriy Melnyk expressed frustration at Germany’s indecisiveness to send its Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. Speaking to CNN, he called Germany’s lack of action a “disappointment” after praising Britain for moving forward with the commitment of Challenger 2 tanks, adding he hoped the move could encourage other countries to do the same to follow this example. Britain is “the first nation to deliver Challenger 2 tanks and hopefully that could be a trigger for other countries, but unfortunately not yet for Germany,” said Melnyk, who went on to describe Germany’s inaction as a “huge disappointment” for everyone Ukrainians”.


Cnn, photos with missiles from North Korea to Wagner on Russian trains

The US recently released declassified photos of Russian train cars traveling from the Russian Federation to North Korea and back in November in what the US says was the first shipment of missiles for use by Organization mercenary Wagner in Ukraine. CNN writes it by posting images and maps of gun transportation by rail. The US government announced yesterday that it would designate the Russian mercenary organization Wagner Group as a “transnational criminal organization” and would impose further sanctions against the group and its global support network next week. A senior Western intelligence official said yesterday the West was “certainly concerned that North Korea may plan to expand and supply more military equipment, or to support such shipments”.


Ukrainian soldiers will train on Leopard tanks

Ukraine has agreed to train its specific armed forces on German Leopard tanks, although no decision has yet been made on their delivery. This was stated by Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov in an interview with The Voice of America, reported by Ukrainska Pravda. “It’s an opportunity to launch training missions with countries that own leopards. We will start with that and then move on from there,” he explained. “I hope that Germany will calmly make a decision on the possible relocation of Leopard tanks within the framework of its own internal consultations. I look forward to it with optimism,” he concluded.

Ukraine Russia war news today More guns in Kyiv but



Media: from the Netherlands Patriot missile launcher in Kyiv

The Netherlands will supply Ukraine with two Patriot missile launchers and an unspecified number of missiles, and will help train Ukrainian soldiers to properly operate air defense equipment. This was stated by Dutch Defense and Foreign Ministers Kajsa Ollongren and Wopke Hoekstra, according to local media.

“The Netherlands and its allies are responding to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s urgent call to provide air defenses against continued missile and drone attacks on Ukrainian cities,” the two ministers said in a letter to the Dutch parliament.


Former US Navy Seal killed in Ukraine in Russian attack

A former Navy Seal who defected in 2019 was killed in Ukraine on January 18. The Navy said so, saying it was not aware of the reasons the man was in the country.
The Navy Seal’s name was Daniel Whitney Swift and he died after being wounded in an attack by Russian forces.
Originally from Oregon, he enlisted in 2005 and has received numerous awards and honors for his service in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

11:55 p.m

Kyiv: 27 Russian attacks on Sumy region

In the last 24 hours, Russian forces have launched 27 attacks on the Sumy region. Local governor Dmitry Zhivitsky wrote about this in Telegram. This is reported by Ukrainska Pravda. The towns of Belopolskaya and Esmansky were affected. There are no injuries or damage.