Ukraine    Russia, news from the war today.  The US and the UN: "Declare Zaporizhia a demilitarized zone"

Ukraine Russia, news from the war today. The US and the UN: "Declare Zaporizhia a demilitarized zone"

The alarm for Zaporizhia was the focus of the UN Security Council session. While Moscow and Kyiv continue to exchange accusations of responsibility for the attacks. While the United States and the UN – with Secretary General Guterres – are calling for the creation of a demilitarized zone in the region. The IAEA (the International Atomic Energy Agency) is calling for a halt to military operations in the region. And to allow for an inspection right away. Beijing’s tones are alarming: “The risk of disaster is more devastating than in Fukushima”.


Schröder is suing the German Bundestag

Former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder complains to the German Bundestag: He wants his office and various privileges back. In the spring, the budget commission of the Bundestag stripped Schröder of the right to an office, a team of assistants and other privileges otherwise reserved for former heads of government. Schröder has now taken legal action, as his lawyer confirmed to dpa. The decision of the parliamentary commission is due to the fact that Schröder would no longer adequately respect the official roles and duties of a former German chancellor and the duties that come with them. Last year more than 400,000 euros were spent on Schröder’s office staff, while his private pension of 8,300 euros was not suspended anyway.
The former Social Democrat leader has long been criticized for his senior positions in Russian state-owned companies, as well as for his close friendship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. A few days ago, a first decision by a local SPD commission rejected applications for Schröder’s exclusion from the SPD.

Gerhard Schroeder in May 2018 with Vladimir Putin and Dmitri Medvedev

Gerhard Schröder in May 2018 with Vladimir Putin and Dmitri Medvedev (afp) 08:43

Zelenskyy to the military: Don’t divulge plans against Russia, it’s irresponsible

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called on government and military officials not to disclose defense plans against Russian aggression, calling some statements “frankly irresponsible”. “War is definitely not the time for vanity and loud declarations. The fewer details you give about our defense plans, the better their implementation will be,” he is quoted as saying by the Guardian.


Ukraine: Two more ships loaded with grain leave Iran and Turkey

Two cargo ships loaded with grain will leave Ukraine today for Iran and Turkey, the Joint Coordination Center for Grain Exports has announced, according to the Kyiv Independent.
The ship bound for Iran is the Star Laura carrying 60,150 tons of corn, while the ship bound for Turkey – the Sormovskiy – will carry 3,050 tons of wheat. For his part, Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure Oleksandr Kubrakov announced that the ship Brave Commander, which will arrive in Ukraine today, will deliver 23,000 tons of wheat to Ethiopia.


China: Zaporizhia worse than Fukushima

The words of the Chinese representative at the UN are dramatic. Zhang Jun said he had asked that the IAEA “as soon as possible” inspect the plant “by removing existing obstacles” to the mission. catastrophe” would be. which “would have more devastating consequences than Fukushima” and promised that Beijing “will always play a constructive role”.


Grossi: “Stop military activities in Zaporizhia now”

“Any military activity that endangers nuclear safety must be stopped immediately, otherwise it could lead to very serious consequences,” said the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Rafael Grossi, in a video conference before the United Nations Security Council. And he asked to lead a field surveillance mission to directly and independently verify that there was no “imminent threat.”

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Zelenskyi: “Russia has hit rock bottom in Zaporizhia”

Volodymyr Zelenskyy: In the evening address to the nation, he repeals the accusations from Moscow. And he blames the Russians for the situation in Zaporizhia. “Russia has crossed the line and reached the all-time low in the history of terrorism, no one had ever used a nuclear power plant to threaten and impose conditions on the whole world in such a brazen manner.” Zelensky then said that the Kiev forces had registered the arrival of several Russian shells in the immediate vicinity of the plant. And he concluded that Europe’s nuclear safety can only be restored if Russia withdraws from Zaporizhia: “This is a global interest, not just a necessity of Ukraine.”


Moscow: “A nuclear catastrophe threatens with the actions of Kyiv”

Moscow repeated the allegations against Kyiv because of the situation in Zaporizhia, including at the session of the UN Security Council: “Ukraine’s criminal actions against
The Zaporizhia nuclear power plant could bring the world to the brink of nuclear catastrophe,” said Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebensia.