Ukraine Russia, latest war news    Weapons in Ukraine come from warehouse in Israel and Zelenskyy…

Ukraine Russia, latest war news Weapons in Ukraine come from warehouse in Israel and Zelenskyy…

by Andrea Nicastro, broadcast to Lemberg, and Redazione Online

The War News Wednesday 18 January live. Meetings between the heads of the White House told Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte during a visit to the Oval Office. Zelenskyy warns that Prime Minister Meloni will soon be in Ukraine.

• The war in Ukraine reached the 329th day.
• Meloni-Macron: Provide economic and military support to Kyiv as long as it is needed.
• Ukrainian Patriot-class soldiers at Fort Sill, Oklahoma
• What Ukraine needs in the next crucial months of the war.
• Olena Zelenska today at the Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland).
• Zelensky announces that Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni will be in Ukraine soon. The announcement at Porta a Porta by Bruno Vespa.
• The United States, reveals the New York Times, is sending ammunition from storage facilities in Israel and South Korea to Ukraine

03:37 – US “praises” London for sending tanks to Kyiv

The United States praised London’s decision to send the British Army’s Challenger 2 main battle tanks and additional artillery systems to Ukraine, in addition to those already provided by Washington. That’s what US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said at the end of the bilateral meeting with his British counterpart James Cleverly. The meeting took place in Washington. President Biden and Prime Minister Sunak – added the head of American diplomacy – are determined to stand by Ukraine’s side for as long as necessary. Blinken also reiterated his request to pressure Russian President Vladimir Putin through a series of sanctions affecting Moscow’s exports and imposing costs that could deprive Russia of the resources it needs to feed its war machine.

03:05 – Meeting between the United States and Germany: Thursday face-to-face between ministers

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin flew to Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany on Thursday for a face-to-face meeting with the Defense Contact Group on Ukraine. With Looyd will be the Chief of the United States Armed Forces Joint Staff, General Mark Milley. The two will join defense ministers and defense chiefs from fifty nations, who will be arriving from around the world.

02:44 – Biden to Rutte, Russian brutality motivates us to act

President Joe Biden said Russia’s brutality reinforced US conviction to help Ukraine. The White House chief told Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte during a visit to the Oval Office, citing the latest news about the Dnipro massacre in which more than 45 civilians, including six children, were killed by Russian missiles that took place on Sept Destroyed a home on Saturday. Rutte thanked the United States for its leadership and reminded that Putin and Russia don’t have to get away with it. The Prime Minister of the Netherlands also declared his country’s intention to participate in the Patriot project to equip Ukraine with an anti-aircraft missile system. It’s not, he later told CNN, putting in place a whole system, but acting within the law, being part of a system.

02:21 – US sends weapons from deposits in Israel and South Korea

The Pentagon is sending a batch of munitions stockpiled in Israel and South Korea to Ukraine, the New York Times reports. The arsenal used would be that accumulated by the United States for the Middle East conflicts. Washington had authorized the Israeli government to access the supplies in an emergency. The emergency decision was made because American manufacturers are unable to meet the weapons requests coming in from Kyiv and ammunition in the USA has now been reduced. Artillery forms the backbone of the weapons sent to the Ukrainians to counter the Russian invasion. Among the countries of reference is not only Israel, but also South Korea: thousands of shells were stored and sent to Kyiv. Israel has always refused to send weapons for fear of damaging ties with Moscow. About half of the 300,000 shells destined for Ukraine were shipped to Europe and will be delivered via Poland.

01:11 – Zelensky, Giorgia will be in Kyiv soon, we are very much waiting for you in Ukraine

We look forward to Giorgia. I don’t say Giorgia Meloni because when we first spoke to her, she told me: “Volodymyr, please call me Giorgia”, and that’s how we started the conversation with her. I saw in you a very concrete prime minister. Your rhetoric is perfectly clear to me. Even if there were different feelings in society because Draghi supported Ukraine and now there is another government and there were those who spread information that this government would be more pro-Russian. Instead, today I see Giorgia as pro-Italian and that’s the most important thing: she is pro-Italian and supports Ukraine. And it supports shared values. So today. I look forward to seeing you on an official visit to Ukraine. She will come soon. I can’t share the date but soon. So the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in an interview with Bruno Vespa in Porta a Porta.

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