Ukraine, Russia deploys new T  14 Armata tanks.  British Secret Service: a mistake

Ukraine, Russia deploys new T 14 Armata tanks. British Secret Service: a mistake

Is called T-14 Armyis the first tank developed in Russia after the dissolution of the Soviet Union by the Uralvagonzavod company; represents – possibly – one of the flagships of the military industry Fly. the Kremlin has decided to deploy some tanks of this type in Ukraine, but according to an analysis by British intelligence, this could be a mistake, both because the build quality of these vehicles is still unknown and because production is still scarce. Their use could only have propagandistic value.


presented for the first time in 2015, The T-14 is equipped with a main gun, with a remote controlled machine gun and with a coaxial machine gun. The turret is automated, allowing the crew of three soldiers to remain protected in a containment cell. However, according to the analysis of the British Ministry of Defense, the use of these modern tanks should not have a significant impact on the conflict. Premise: “Images from the end of December 2022 showed the T-14 in a military training area in southern Russia: the location was related to the preparation for deployment in Ukraine. Previously, pro-government Russian media claimed that the T-14s were being prepared for deployment. However, it is unclear whether Russia has already transferred assets to Ukraine.”

The intelligence report GB

However, the British intelligence report adds: “It seems likely that any deployment of T-14s is a high-risk decision for Russia. In eleven years of development, the program has been dogged by delays, reductions in the size of the originally planned fleet, and reports of production problems. Russia would then have to adjust the supply chain to handle the T-14s, which are larger and heavier than other Russian tanks. When Russia uses the T-14, it is mainly for propaganda purposes. Production is likely to be in the dozens and commanders are unlikely to trust the vehicle in combat.