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Ukraine, Pope Francis’ Appeal: "Putin stops the violence, Zelensky is open to peace proposals" | "Absurd to be confronted with a nuclear threat"

October 02, 2022 13:04

The Pope at the Angelus: “I deeply regret the annexations, they violate international law”

Ukraine Pope Francis Appeal quotPutin stops the violence Zelensky is

“Absurd to be confronted with a nuclear threat” – “

How much blood has yet to spill because we understand that war is never a solution. What about the fact that humanity is once again confronted with the nuclear threat: it is absurd,” the Pope continued. “In the name of God and in the name of the sense of humanity that resides in every heart, I renew my appeal to reach the truce immediately. Keep your guns still and look for the conditions to start negotiations that can lead to solutions that will not be imposed by force.

“I regret the annexation of the territories of Ukraine, they violate the law” –

“I deeply regret the serious situation that has arisen in the last few days, with further measures contrary to the principles of international law – he continued –. In fact, it increases the risk of nuclear escalation, to the point where fears of uncontrollable and catastrophic consequences worldwide.”

“International community pledges to end war” –

Pope Francis then called on all protagonists on the international stage and the political leaders of the nations to do everything in their power to end the ongoing war. “Without engaging in dangerous escalations and promoting and supporting dialogue initiatives. Please – he added – let the younger generations breathe the healed air of peace, not the polluted air of war, which is madness!”. “After seven months of hostility – Francis reiterated – all diplomatic means, including those hitherto unused, should be used to end this terrible tragedy.”