Ukraine New Years Eve bombings in occupied Donetsk the horror

Ukraine, New Year’s Eve bombings in occupied Donetsk: the horror of listening to Putin’s speech in a house the video

During the usual end-of-year speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin, a family witnessed the bombing of Ukraine live Donetsk happened on the night of New Year’s. The video, published on a pro-Russian Telegram channel, shows a table set for New Year’s Eve in a house apparently inhabited by pro-Russians. A smartphone can be seen on the table, tuned to the leader’s welcome speech Kremlin. Then, in the following images, we can see a girl walking towards the balcony of the apartment where she was partying on the night of December 31st to January 1st and watching live air raid by Ukrainian forces in the city Makiivka. From then on, accusations between the two factions recovered: Russia, on the one hand, denounced the incident on social media and demanded that “the guilty be punished”, and Ukrainians, on the other hand, ironic the fact that “a New gift has arrived New Year’s Eve at the foot of the occupiers”. In fact, the pro-Russian government at least reported the launch 25 rockets by Ukrainian forces on New Year’s Eve in Donetsk. The bombing, the Portal agency had reported, would have been carried out using Himars (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) rockets, but it was not possible to independently verify the information.

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