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Ukraine, Medvedev: “Fortified areas under threat, ready to use nuclear weapons. The West is pushing for a global war”

“Ukraine’s goal of regaining all lands it previously owned” and now under Russian control means “a threat to the existence of our state and the collapse of today’s Russia“. The Vice President of the Russian Security Council writes on Telegram Dmitry Medvedev that this justifies the use of nuclear weapons. Because, he says, “that is a direct reason for the application of the clause 19 the basics of the state policy of the Russian Federation in the field of nuclear deterrence ”.

But who is, Medvedev wonders, who is “planning a nuclear conflict, let me know? What is that other than a direct provocation of a world war with the use of nuclear weapons?“. According to Putin’s supporters, “Western countries are driving the world into a global war. And only the complete and final victory of Russia is a guarantee against the world conflict ”.

The Russian nuclear threat, then Putin can use the weapon according to the Moscow doctrine

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The Russian nuclear threat, then Putin can use the weapon according to the Moscow doctrine

It was accurate Wladimir Putin. The possibility of a nuclear attack is envisaged in two specific cases: in response to the use of nuclear weapons or weapons of mass destruction against the state or its allies, and in response to large-scale aggression with the use of conventional weapons when “the very existence of the state is at risk “. And that is why, in all probability, the Russian politician speaks of “the provocation of a world war through the use of nuclear weapons” in relation to this second possibility. For Medvedev, indeed, since Moscow has formalized the annexation of the four regions of Donetsk, del Luhanskout Kherson and from Zaporizhia, Ukraine’s willingness to win them back is a “threat to the existence of our state”.

On October 27, Putin made statements, but they went in the opposite direction. “We don’t have to use a nuclear weapon in Ukraine it would make no sense, neither politically nor militarily, ”he explained at a meeting in Moscow association out Valdai. The meeting was organized to reiterate, in a speech and then an hour-long question-and-answer session, the reasons for the military operation in Ukraine, with which he was by no means disappointed.