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Ukraine, live The Russian ambassador has been summoned to the Farnesina. "NATO alert for the Russian submarine Belgorod in action"

October 2, 2022 12:21

Pope condemns annexations: “Violating international law”

“I deeply regret the serious situation that has arisen over the past few days, with further actions in violation of the principles of international law. In fact, it increases the risk of nuclear escalation to the point of creating fears of uncontrollable and catastrophic consequences worldwide. This is what Pope Francis said at the Angelus and today dedicated his reflection before the Marian prayer to the situation in Ukraine.

October 2, 2022 12:19

Pope: “Immediate ceasefire in Ukraine”

“I renew my appeal that we achieve this immediately armistice: Silence the guns and look for the conditions to get to negotiations are able to lead to solutions that are not imposed by force, but I Agree, To the right, stable, when they are based on respect for the inviolable value of life and the sovereignty and territorial integrity of each country, as well as the rights of minorities and legitimate concerns. He said so Pope Francis toAngelwho devotes his day to the situation in Ukraine Consideration before the Marian prayer.

October 2, 2022 12:17

Putin and Zelenskyy’s call for a ceasefire

Surprisingly, before the Angelus, the Pope devotes his reflections to the war in Ukraine and asks for peace, negotiations and just, consensual and stable solutions. He turns to Putin and Zelenskyy and asks them to make peace as soon as possible.

October 2, 2022 11:33

The Russian Ambassador Razov will be summoned to the Farnesina tomorrow

The Russian Ambassador in Italy Sergei Razov – according to the knowledge so far – he was summoned to the Foreign Office tomorrow, Monday.

October 2, 2022 11:20 am

“NATO Alert for Russian Submarine Belgorod in Arctic Seas”

The Russian nuclear submarine K-329 Belgorod moves in the arctic seas and it is suspected that its mission is to test the torpedo missile Poseidon, capable of transporting nuclear warheads tens of thousands of kilometers. This is what a disclosure of Bornquoted by Repubblica that the Alliance is on alert and monitoring any possible torpedo launches from the submarine.

With a length of 184 meters and a width of 15 meters, the Belgorod can navigate underwater at about sixty kilometers per hour with practically unlimited autonomy. It is believed that it can stay 120 days without returning to the surface.

Ukraine live The Russian ambassador has been summoned to the

In the last few days he has been mentioned in the analyzes of possible sabotage north current, but there is no evidence for it. The newspaper adds that NATO’s suspicions, relayed to allied commands, are that the submarine is in the process of testing Poseidon in the Kara Sea area. Codenamed “Status-6”: a 24 meter long torpedo capable of carrying a nuclear warhead of probably two megatons. The torpedo missile was supposed to explode near the coast and cause a “radioactive tsunami”.

October 2, 2022 11:16

US Secretary of Defense Austin ‘encouraged’ by Ukraine’s capture of Lyman

The US Secretary of Defense lloyd austin, said he was “very encouraged” by the Ukrainian recapture of the strategic city of Lyman, which had been taken from the Russians, adding that this was a very important military step forward for Kyiv, which opened up Russian supply lines to the Donbass Front and between the fronts in the east and south of Ukraine. “Without these connecting routes for the Russians, ‘it will be more difficult,'” Lloyd told Portal in an interview quoted by the Guardian website. The head of the Pentagon – writes the British daily’s website – did not agree to the threat of military escalation by Russia or the possible use of nuclear weapons.

October 2, 2022 11:15 am

Over 60,000 Russian soldiers were killed, according to Kyiv

The number of Russian servicemen killed in Ukraine has surpassed 60,000 in the past 24 hours, according to the Ukrainian military staff, quoted by the Kyiv Independent in its daily bulletin. If the figure were confirmed, in just over seven months it would be more than four times the total Soviet losses suffered in the nearly ten-year war in Afghanistan (1979-1989), which the official said totaled about 15,000 USSR figures .
The number of enemy soldiers killed in Ukraine is now 60,110, according to Kyiv, up by 500 in the last 24 hours. According to the Bulletin, there are now 2,377 Russian tanks (+23), armored vehicles 4,975 and artillery pieces 337 pieces.

October 2, 2022 11:09

Avvenire: “Stop the mad rush for the irreparable”

“The dramatic escalation of the nuclear and energy tensions between Russia and the West with unbridled accusations and threats, the call to arms of hundreds of thousands of Russian reservists and last but not least the discourse on the purity of moral and national values ​​with which Putin accompanied the declaration of the annexation and the line of conflict with the West overall confirmed. Everything seems aimed at rendering incurable and even apocalyptic the ongoing war and imperial confrontation that the man in the Kremlin and some of his western neighbors are masquerading as a clash of civilisations. The director writes it in Avvenire today Marco Tarquinioin the column of responses to readers.

“Granting and not acknowledging that there has ever been a ‘just war’, today’s war, wherever and by whomever it is waged, is infinitely unjust to consciousness and the weapons at our disposal – he continues –. From a Christian perspective, it is an appalling blasphemy that betrays and radically denies the gospel of Christ and God’s plan for mankind.” The editor of the Episcopal Newspaper emphasizes that “war destroys, not builds; it sows sorrow and resentment, it does not do justice; it breaks life, it protects nothing good”. War “is always skilland, and it is always performed on the skin of the poor”.

“Therefore – notes Tarquinius – it makes one tremble with pain and indignation, it literally sends shudders down Christians in particular, but not only them, that the Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow, like every propagandist of Islamic terrorism, even repeats the ‘promise’ hat of paradise ‘for the ‘heroes’ who shall fall in battle”. “Let us offer up and pray – he concludes – also this Sunday, so that all men and women of faith and goodwill may add their voice to the voice of Pope Francis in plea for peace from God and those who have the power and duty here and now to stop the mad rush towards the irretrievable”.

October 2, 2022 11:07

Night bombing raid on Zaporizhia

The Ukrainian city Zaporizhia and other surrounding areas were hit by Russian bombing overnight, according to a Telegram statement from the region’s governor, Oleksandr Starukh, cited by the Kyiv Independent, which gave no further details.