Ukraine Kremlin Nuclear weapons only as a response to aggression

Ukraine, Kremlin: “Nuclear weapons only as a response to aggression”. White House: “More concerned, but no concrete signals”

The United States is “increasingly concerned” about the possible use of nuclear weapons by the Kremlin. At the moment, however, there would be no “no signal that Russia is preparing to use nuclear weapons against themUkraine“. This was said by the spokesman for the National Security Council, John Kirbyafter publishing an article in which The New York Times revealed that some Russian military leaders had discussed the operation tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine. The answer of Kremlinwho reiterated her point of view. Russia, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a note, “hypothetically allows a nuclear-armed response solely in response to the attack with the use of weapons of mass destruction or aggression with conventional weapons when the existence of the state is threatened ». Moscow then reiterated its adherence to the «principle of inadmissibility“Ahead of nuclear war and called for nuclear deterrence to be a priority. “We call on and encourage other nuclear-armed states to abandon dangerous attempts to harm one another’s vital interests while balancing on the brink of armed conflict provocations with weapons of mass destruction that can lead to this disastrous consequencesThe Russian Foreign Ministry added. According to the Kremlin, in a nuclear war “there can be no winners” and for this reason “it should never start”.

The concern of the United States

Kirby pointed out that there are currently no signs that Russia will resort to nuclear weapons. “We were clear from the start — the White House official said today — Le Words Russia’s possible use of nuclear weapons are deep worrying and we take them seriously. But we continue to monitor we see no signs that Russia is preparing for such an operation.” The US administration’s clarifications come within hours of the publication of an article in the New York Times that said some Russian military leaders discussed the operation tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine. According to the American newspaper, talks between the Russian generals have raised alarm White Housebecause they would demonstrate frustration Kremlin for the failures on the battlefield in Ukraine.

The spectrum of a nuclear attack it is fomented more or less regularly by some members of the Russian government. Yesterday, for example, Vice President of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said that the Russia is ready to resort to nuclear weapons if Kyiv will not relinquish control once and for all Donbass and Crimea. However, if the alert level remains high, it is equally true that no Western government has ever presented evidence of a possible risk of nuclear escalation in Ukraine. Even in this case, the White House has actually denied the New York Times reconstructions, stating that there is currently no evidence that Russia is preparing to use nuclear weapons. kirby He then spoke about the gun issue in the Kremlin. According to the spokesman for the National Security Council North Korea would “a considerable amount of grenades, pretending to supply arms to countries in the Middle East or North Africa ». All this despite Pyongyang “publicly denying its intention to supply ammunition to Russia.” Kirby then commented on the missile launches ordered by the North Korean government this morning. A behavior that the White House official “ruthless“.

The NYT exposure and the disagreements with the White House

In the article published today, The New York Times argues that a number of senior Russian military leaders have done so job interviews to discuss when and how to use a tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine. President Vladimir Putin, again after reconstructions the newspaper not to take part in the talks. However, the US government would be aware of this situation by mid-October. It’s not the first time the White House has denied a leak published by the NY Times. On other occasions, the daily actually published information about the war in Ukraine that threatened to embarrass the American government. For example, in October the newspaper revealed how US intelligence services blamed the Ukrainian government for the murder of Darya Dugina, the 30-year-old daughter of the USSR ultranationalist philosopher Russian Alexander Dugin was killed last August. In September, the NY Times revealed the background to a phone interview between Joe Biden and Volodymyr Zelenskyy, where the American President would be as opposed to sending more powerful weapons in Kyiv.

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