Ukraine, in a video shown by CNN, Russian trucks at the Zaporizhia plant

Ukraine, in a video shown by CNN, Russian trucks at the Zaporizhia plant

A new video is circulating online shows the presence of Russian military vehicles parked in the turbine room connected to one of the reactors of Ukraine’s Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, which is occupied by Moscow’s troops and is the focus of international attention due to fears of catastrophic accidents: this is written by CNN and adds that he geolocated and authenticated the video.

Russian vehicles 130 meters from the nuclear reactor

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However, it is unclear when the pictures were taken. In the pictures – writes CNN – you can see two rows of Russian military trucks, one of which has the symbol “Z” painted on the hood, parked in the turbine room about 130 meters from the corresponding nuclear reactor, one of the six the plant. Also seen is what appears to be a tent and some pallets of different sizes, the purpose of which is not clear, according to CNN.

Moscow denies the presence of weapons at the facility

Moscow has said so far that the military equipment present at the plant only concerns guard duty, and yesterday the Russian Defense Ministry said satellite images clearly show that there are “no weapons, especially heavy ones” at the plant. Ukraine, on the other hand, accuses the Russian army of firing from inside the nuclear power plant and turning it into a protective shield – allegations which Russia has denied – and also the Ukrainian personnel responsible for operating the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, to have abused ., which is to be visited in days by experts from the IAEA, the UN agency for nuclear energy.

Moscow: “Impossible to demilitarize it”

For Moscow, on the other hand, it was “impossible to create a demilitarized zone in the plant because only Russian air defense systems protect it from a catastrophe.” This was stated by a member of the council of the region’s new military-civilian administration, Vladimir Rogov, quoted by Ria Novosti, dismissing an appeal by UN Secretary António Guterres, who called for the withdrawal of equipment and military personnel from the Zaporizhia region. “Demilitarizing the plant would make it even more vulnerable,” added Ivan Nechayev, deputy head of the Moscow Foreign Ministry’s press department.

The Russians are ready to shut down the plant

Meanwhile, according to Ukrainian sources, the state-owned nuclear company Energoatom has reportedly said that Russian forces plan to shut down the power plant’s power units and disconnect them from the Kiev power grid. “We have information that the Russian occupying forces are planning to shut down the power units of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant and disconnect them from the Ukrainian power grid. The Russian army is currently looking for fuel stocks for diesel generators to be switched on. “After the stop to power the cooling systems, says a note from Energoatom, reported by Ukrinform.