Ukraine complicated situation north of Bakhmout

Ukraine: “complicated” situation north of Bakhmout

The Ukrainian Presidency on Monday reported a “complicated” situation north of the town of Bakhmout, the most disputed region in eastern Ukraine, the day after it seized a location in that area claimed by Russian group Wagner.

“The situation near Soledar is complicated: the village of Paraskoviïvka is facing heavy shelling and attacks,” the presidency said in its daily report.

Soledar, a town captured by the Russians in January, lies north of Bakhmout, which they have been attempting to conquer since the summer, with heavy casualties on both sides and great destruction.

The village of Paraskoviïvka is next on the road leading down to Bakhmout, in the immediate vicinity of the village of Krasna Gora, the capture of which was demanded on Sunday by the head of Russian paramilitary group Wagner, Evguéni Prigojine, whose men are on the front lines in this battle .

The Ukrainian General Staff said in its own daily report that Russian troops shelled 16 locations near Bakhmout with tanks, mortars and artillery last day.

A Russian occupation official in eastern Ukraine, separatist leader Denis Pushilin, said Friday that troops from Moscow now have three of Ukraine’s four supply routes to Bakhmut under their control.

The Ukrainian Presidency also reported a “tense” situation near Vougledar, further south, where Russian troops are attacking.

“The Russians continue to bomb neighboring communities constantly,” she said Monday.

In Kherson, southern Ukraine, three people have been killed and one wounded by shelling in the past 24 hours, according to the same source.