Ukraine, Azov fighter: "Russians have tortured and want to cover their tracks"

Ukraine, Azov fighter: "Russians have tortured and want to cover their tracks"

“We know that in Ukraine the Azov fighters are the heroes, and it is obvious that ours would not even have touched them. As far as I know, the Russians tortured the boys, and in this way they want to cover up the traces of torture.” This is how Anna Zaitseva, wife of Kyrylo Zaitsev, nom de guerre as a fighter of Asov Volt, expresses certainty in an interview with Adnkronos that the explosion that destroyed the Olenivka prison was caused by the Russians and not, as Moscow claims, was the result of a Ukrainian raid.

“As far as I know, many experts have already evaluated the video and said that since there are no craters caused by the Himars, it would burn from the inside – he continues – the windows didn’t explode.” one wonders that there are no victims among the prison staff. In fact, all the dead came from the Azov regiment. In May, she left the Azovstal steelworks with her son, who was only a few months old, and joined her husband at the end of February. Since then she has not heard from him.

“Unfortunately, I have no news from him at the moment. And what happened yesterday shook us all,” continues Anna, who, after being evacuated to Mariupol, has now been in Berlin for a few weeks, where she is awaiting a residence permit that will allow access to medical care for her and the baby, who is still under months in the Azov valley.

Speaking again about what happened in prison, the young woman says she is “shocked by the reaction of the UN and the Red Cross, because I don’t understand what these organizations are for, allowing such a brutal treatment of Azov prisoners of war . I don’t understand why Russia has not yet been recognized as an aggressor state, as a terrorist state. Because you see – he adds – in Ukraine every day is September 11th. Terrorist attacks happen every day in Ukraine.”

“I want Italians to watch the interviews from Azovstal again, to make sure once again that everything is true, it’s not fake, it’s the life that Ukraine lives every day – says Anna – and while you one can have coffee, eat pizza, in Ukraine people have to fight for water or food”.

In Mariupol, “the situation is critical, terrible, people have no food, no drinking water, no medicine. Skeletons of people are scattered on the streets. And this is not a horror film or a King’s book. But the reality of Ukrainians, “said Zaitseva and told Adnkronos about the situation in the Ukrainian martyr city that fell into the hands of the Russians, where her grandmother and an uncle still live.

“I’m in touch with them. From time to time they send me messages via the internet. They say the situation is terrible,” explains the 25-year-old Ukrainian. “Representatives of DNR, the self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic, came to our home and asked questions about us because they know about us and my husband, but none of the neighbors told them anything,” Anna continues.

“The 9-storey building where we lived was bombed, the whole apartment remained, but it was completely ransacked – he continues – People miss everything, they burn their furniture to warm up at night and cook something. Because what might happen in Mariupol now? it happened at the time of World War II”. Finally, the young Ukrainian mother complains that after more than five months of war in European countries, people no longer want to see the reality of the destruction in Ukraine. Social media, he denounced, “delete content about the war because it is considered sensitive and unacceptable. I understand that people are on vacation now, especially in countries like Italy, France, Spain. People want to relax and not think about the war in a distant Ukraine … But I want to remind – he warns – that the earth is round and nobody knows that “Mariupol”, “Bucha” and “Irpin” may be in another country in Italy, France or Spain. No one is sure of the fate that has now touched Ukraine.