Ukraine and the USA are becoming increasingly war weary The

Ukraine and the USA are becoming increasingly war weary. The (disunited) Republicans threaten to block the budget

Ukraine and the USA are becoming increasingly war weary The

Four in 10 Americans think the United States is doing too much to help Ukraine. In the hours in which Volodymyr Zelensky paid a visit White House And congress In search of money and weapons, an ABC/Washington Post poll painted a not-so-favorable picture for his plans. In fact, 41 percent of Americans believe that the Govt Biden has gone too far in providing assistance Kyiv (in February 2023 it was 33 percent and in April 2022 it was 14 percent). This isn’t just about me republicanTraditionally rather lukewarm in comparison massive assistance to war. Compared to February 2023, i.e Democrats those who think it’s time to say enough are 8 percent more. American public opinion is now showing clear signs of war weariness. It’s probably an unavoidable fact after months Clashes and without diplomatic solution Insight. But there are signs that no one, a Washingtoncan ignore now.

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The Republican Front – There is one important fact that does not go in the desired direction Zelensky in your new request for support United States – “Without your help we will lose the war,” he said. War broke out in both the Democratic and Republican camps Ukraine In fact, it is linked to a number of internal problems. Often it is due to a number of internal weaknesses. Let’s start with republican. It’s no secret that parts of the party, especially the right, were never keen on the idea of ​​sending weapons there Kyiv. It depended on the aversion to further enlargement Debts – until now congress approved about $113 billion in aid to Ukraine – but also from will to get them into political trouble Bidenby portraying his policies as costly and unsuccessful (which was actually the case). Donald Trump, he also claims he could “end the war in 24 hours” if he were re-elected president). This attitude has deepened in recent months and weeks.

Marjorie Taylor GreeneDeputy of Georgia and Trump’s “Pasionaria,” he welcomed Zelensky in the capital USA post a picture of Lord Farqaadfrom the animated film Shrekand these words: “The warlords of Washington while they talk about it Ukraine to the American people.” “There’s no money for it Ukraine, Okay? This is not a good time to ask us for more money,” warned another conservative. Byron Donalds. Second Scott Perryretired general and member of the right-wing party in Pennsylvania, “our people can’t pay their gas and electric bills and buy food.” We need to think about it before we send it out Blank checks to other countries.” And at the end 23 Republican lawmakers – including influential senators like JD VanceRand Paul e Mike Lee – have signed a letter declaring they will not vote for further aid to Ukraine, unless there are clear answers to some crucial questions. What happened to Money awarded so far? How is the war really going? Is there a strategy to end it?

In all of this, as is often the case, the Republican spokesman is the one Kevin McCarthy Chamber he tried to take a compromise position. McCarthy He knows that there is an important part of his party, especially al senatewho remains unyielding in her will to support Ukraine. “I hold to Ukraine more than the president Biden“, for example, said the leader of senate, Mitch McConnell. But McCarthy He also knows that another part, the right wing of the party, which might distrust him as a speaker, does not want to know anything about other expenses. And so McCarthy he copes as best he can. He says he completely understands Russia “It is an invasion and it is wrong.” At the same time, he asks for “transparency” about the funds that have already been transferred Kyiv and would like to know what the government’s future plans are. McCarthy he refused to give in Zelensky the classroom of Room for a joint meeting. And he is now thinking about releasing any new allocation to Ukraine from the measure to refinance the activities of the Pentagon.

Money for the federal government and spectrum of the shutdown – The fact is Ukraine it ended in the middle of another fight between the republican. The party disagrees about refinancing Federal Governmentwith a significant portion of the right calling for significant cuts in the new budget law Social spending and a tightening of the Controls on the southern border. Without these measures, they threaten, we will continue switch off, to partially close the activities of Federal Government. It is a strategy that seems suicidal to the more centrist parts of the party and which they believe could cost the consensus of more moderate public opinion in the next elections. As always, there is the shadow of on the horizon Donald Trumpcharged at four several court cases but which never misses an opportunity to stir up divisions and poisons. “THE Republicans in Congress You can and must reject everything the corrupt government decides Joe Biden“, he said Trump card, and therefore asks the faithful to calmly choose the path of closure. In short, the to match republican It’s a party now balkanizedsplit, in constant oscillation between different Interests and strategies with regard to next presidential. For Zelenskyrely on republican Funding his war effort does not appear to be an appropriate or successful decision at this time.

Problems within the Democratic Party – Then there’s this Chapter in relation to Democrats. Biden he has gone his own way so far. If the Republicans would block that congress Three days ago, when he asked for another 24 billion in aid for Ukraine, he used his presidential powers to send one Kyiv $325 million in emergency military assistance. Long-range missile systems Atacmswhich the government of Zelensky He had been asking the administration for some time USA It had previously denied this for fear of an escalation of the conflict, but it has now moved to send the troops, considering them essential for the counter-offensive phase. Biden So it is moving forward, relying on Republican divisions and the fact that Democrats remain largely united in their funding choices Kyiv. The proposal to cut aid, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said, “is an insult to Ukraine and a gift to it.” Wladimir Putin“.

Doubts among the Democrats – As is the case with me republicanalso for Democrats However, the fate of Ukraine is linked to internal issues. Definitely the topic of War it won’t be the focus Election campaign 2024, as will be the case for the economy, labor and immigration. But the latest polls worry Democrats. It’s not just the weariness of public opinion after months of war. ABC/Washington Post also show that 44 percent of Americans think they are worse off economically today than they were four years ago. Three out of four Americans believe this Biden is too old for that apply again. And 56 percent reject his results Presidency. So it’s not just about the politics of Biden about Ukraine be reconsidered. His policies toward Ukraine are being questioned and criticized at a time when the president is facing broader questions about his actions.

Despite the Resistances persistent towards democratic leadership a Washington, the data is now increasingly on everyone’s lips. A consistent majority among themselves Democrats do not want Biden as the next presidential candidate. This is evident from a number of plays from the majors Liberal media: “Democratic leaders’ optimism about Biden 2024 clashes with voters’ concerns,” wrote the New York Times a few days ago. This is clear from the statements of some prominent Democrats: “The voters don’t want that, that’s what the polls now show,” he explains James Carville, has been one of the leading election consultants among progressives for years. And that’s exactly what some recent findings show Biden defeated in a direct confrontation with Trump card. According to ABC/Washington Post, the Republican would have 51 percent of the vote in the next presidential election, up from 42 percent. Biden.

They are therefore not just that Departments between republican to make American politics more uncertain Ukraine. It is also a tired, weak, controversial president who lacks the support of public opinion, who is perceived by his own voters as inadequate and who is proving to be a terrible ally Kyiv. This explains the many doubts, the many unknowns, with which Volodymyr Zelensky he went Washington. If things will not change in the immediate future, various shadows will be cast on the unconditional future American support to war against Putin.