Ukraine Abrams tanks the best American tanks in the Kyiv

Ukraine, Abrams tanks, the best American tanks in the Kyiv direction: they have already been used in Afghanistan and Iraq

The United States decided to send tanks to Ukraine. The country invaded by Russia 11 months ago will receive the tanks abrams. Why are they so important? Where have they been used so far? And why can they make an impact on the pitch? used in the first gulf warin Afghanistan and Iraq, the Abrams tanks that the United States wants to send to Ukraine, They are the spearhead of US armored vehiclesmaybe the most powerful in the world able to withstand nuclear, biological and chemical attack.


Called MBT (Main Battle Tank), they were produced in the first version (M1) in 1978 by Chrysler Defense, now General Dynamics Land Systems, e They are named after General Creighton Abrams, who led American troops in the Vietnam War from 1968 to 1972. They entered service in 1980 and entered production in 1985 M1A1which was followed by the last generation, the M1A2. Only the latter is not yet clear which version the Pentagon will decide to send to Kyivwhether it’s the oldest tank version or the most recent.

Abrams, equipment and power

Weighing 62 tons, the M1A1s are fitted and equipped with direct jet engines a 120 mm gun, able to destroy a building almost four kilometers awayand reach a speed of 70 km/h. They have a shell of depleted uranium to prevent the penetration of heat projectiles (high-explosive anti-tank shells), a high-explosive explosive specially designed to destroy tanks.

Engineered to withstand nuclear attacks

Most importantly, the Abrams are engineered to withstand nuclear, biological, and chemical attack. Strategically, they enable mobility and agility in land operations that would otherwise be impossible. Indeed, by intervening, the soldiers can rely on almost immediate cover operations, without having to wait for the deployment of aircraft for the subsequent bombings, which are requested from the ground on the areas and targets classified as vulnerable. M1A1s made their combat debut in 1991 during the first Gulf War. They were then used by US forces Afghanistan and Iraq.

The US Army currently has about 4,400 Abrams, while the Navy has 400. The US also created an export version of the tanks currently used in Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Australia and Iraq. Iraqi forces have used the tanks in the fight against ISIS, while the Saudis have used them in Yemen’s civil war.

Abrams because they can make a difference in the ongoing war

But why is the news that these supertanks are being sent to Ukraine so relevant? We report the response given to journalists by the senior official who delivered the briefing to the US press yesterday (January 23, 2023, ed.).

“As for Abrams, our attention is focused on supplying Ukrainians Abilities that can be used immediately and will… take effect. The M1 is an extremely powerful and effective combat system, but that’s what it is a very complex system that requires a lot of maintenance and a lot of logistical support“, He says.

“These are elements that can be used immediately on the battlefield to change the balance of power on the field. The Ukrainian military is very effective, but it is not the United States military that has diverse and global commitments. Just as we have advanced airborne capabilities like the F-35, the M1 is an advanced armored capability used by US forces to meet our global national security obligations,” the Colonel concludes.

Why the situation requires the sending of tanks and what other means are being sent

“The situation along the front lines in Ukraine therefore remains largely unchanged, with the exception of the Ukrainian counter-offensives near Kreminna and Russia’s continued efforts to try to seize nearby areas Bachmut – was stated in the press conference held by the US defense – In both areas the situation remains fluid, with many exchanges of messages. However, it is important to note that Ukrainian forces continue to hold and successfully defend Bakhmut. In addition to the massive security assistance package announced by the Ministry of Defense last week, with significant additional air defense and armor capabilities for Ukraine, Several nations also announced significant support, including contributions from Germany and the Netherlands for the air defense capabilities of the Patriot missilesthe purchase of a NASAM system from Canada, the UK post. United Kingdom of Main Battle Tanks challenger 2the Germany of Marder armored personnel carrierthe France of AMX light tanksSweden from Infantry Fighting Vehicles and CV90 HowitzersDenmark and Estonia from howitzersLatvia from machine guns and unmanned aerial systems and Lithuania Mi-8 helicopterjust to name a few”.

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