UK: Second holiday in two weeks for Boris Johnson

UK: Second holiday in two weeks for Boris Johnson

Outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson has begun a week’s furlough, his second break in 15 days, his office confirmed on Monday, as the UK grapples with multiple crises, most notably record inflation.

“The Prime Minister is on holiday this week,” said a Downing Street spokesman, stressing that, even in their absence, leaders “are staying informed of all matters of urgency and taking decisions, particularly on national security matters”.

The spokesman did not say where Mr Johnson was, but according to The Times he traveled daily to Greece with his wife Carrie, where he was photographed in a supermarket in a suburb of Athens.

The trip abroad comes a week after Boris Johnson, who resigned in early July following months of scandal, spent a few days in Slovenia on a ‘honeymoon’ with his wife, 24 years his junior, and married there a year ago, the third union for the political leader.

The latter has promised to remain in business pending the appointment of a new Conservative Party leader. Only two candidates remain in the running, Liz Truss, chief of diplomacy, and Rishi Sunak, former finance minister. The result of the internal election on political formation is expected on September 5.

Mr Johnson’s new furlough comes amid voices in the British political class accusing him of being absent at a time when his compatriots are suffering from very sharp rises in the cost of living, particularly a surge in electricity prices.

Downing Street said last week it was up to the “future Prime Minister” to act in the face of this crisis, not Mr Johnson, who was supposed to run day-to-day business.

The country is also facing a historic drought that is hitting the agricultural sector hard and necessitating irrigation restrictions in several regions.

According to The Times, Mr Johnson intends to make “a series of visits and speeches” upon his return next weekend to urge his successor to remain committed to his priorities, including UK support in Ukraine in the face of the Russian invasion .

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