UK: Police are investigating video of Sunak without a seat belt

UK: Police are investigating video of Sunak without a seat belt

British police will watch video of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak appearing in the back of a car without a seat belt on Thursday January 19, “an error of judgement” for which he has apologized, according to Downing Street.

In this video produced for his social networks, the Conservative leader speaks enthusiastically about his territorial realignment policy while sitting in the back seat of a car without a seatbelt during a trip to Lancashire (northern England). “We are aware of the matter and will look into it,” a local police spokesman said. Failure to wear a seat belt can result in a fine of up to £500 (€571).

Rishi Sunak “fully admits it was a mistake and apologizes,” said Downing Street. “It was an error of judgement,” the prime minister “took off his belt briefly to shoot a clip,” “but he realizes it’s a mistake,” said a spokesman. “The Prime Minister believes that everyone should wear their seat belts,” he added.

Even before this incident, Rishi Sunak had been criticized several times because he had completed several short-haul jet flights of around 30 and 40 minutes after previous short flights in the past week. A “habit that is costly to the environment and taxpayers,” said Labor opposition number two Angela Rayner. His spokesman defended a choice dictated by issues of efficiency and the best use of the prime minister’s “time”.

As Boris Johnson’s finance secretary, Rishi Sunak was fined in the ‘Partygate’ scandal for attending a rally to mark the Prime Minister’s birthday in breach of anti-Covid rules.