UK crisis I should have prepared the ground better admits

UK crisis: ‘I should have prepared the ground better,’ admits Liz Truss

Published on: 02/10/2022 – 15:55

“I should have prepared the ground better. UK Prime Minister Liz Truss admits she walked too fast in a BBC interview this Sunday 2nd October 2022. Panic has gripped the country since their mini-budget was announced last week. The Bank of England had to act urgently, but the Conservative leader remains convinced of her plan.

With our correspondent in London, Marie Boeda

Reduce the tax rate for top earners to boost growth. Liz Truss does not flinch, but admits that this decision was made by the Secretary of Commerce without prior discussion with the other members of the government.

I want to say to people that I understand their concerns about what happened this week. I admit we should have prepared the ground better. I have learned. I’ll make sure we prepare better in the future.

Nor does it rule out cutting public spending while the country is mired in a crisis: record inflation, rising interest rates and energy costs.

I think we need to increase the size of the cake. We’ve had two decades of relatively weak growth.

Conservative Party heavyweight and former Cabinet Secretary Michael Gove described the Prime Minister’s announcements as a “vacation from reality”.

The Conservative Congress begins this Sunday in Birmingham. Liz Truss promises to win “the hearts and minds” of her MPs. While the party is at the bottom in polls and in her own camp, the prime minister is even less popular than her predecessor Boris Johnson.

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