UK: A police officer was banned for having sex in his service vehicle

UK: A police officer was banned for having sex in his service vehicle

The police officer was removed from the police force. Matt/

The man took his friend to a supermarket car park amid strict Covid restrictions.

No sex on duty! A British police officer in Northumbria, a region in northern England, has been sacked for having sex on duty, the Telegraph reports. On September 8th, 2020, Ian Dawson picked up a mysterious Miss A from her home. He had driven her to a supermarket parking lot around midnight, where they had sex in the back seat of his company car. Galant, His Majesty’s police officer, then escorted the beauty home.

Dawson didn’t stop there. He also slept with one of his colleagues, Ms. B., in October 2021. His superiors gradually discovered the affair, all the more serious in their eyes because it took place in full Covid restrictions. But the cop who lives up to his responsibilities lies shamelessly before his superiors twice. His case eventually went to trial at Middle Engine Lane on 20 December, resulting in his immediate disqualification from the police force for gross misconduct.

Northumbria Police Chief Winton Keenen found Ian Dawson “guilty on all stated charges”. According to his superior, the latter “voluntarily and by his own admission admitted an agreement that led him to engage in sexual activity while on duty and to use a police vehicle in a public place for this purpose”.

For the chief of police, the public has an “understandable expectation that police officers act at all times in a way that does not discredit the public service to which they devote their professional lives”. “With that comes an expectation that they will not engage in sexual activity on duty,” he added. “It has always been this way, but now, perhaps more than ever, there is a discernible rise in public expectations regarding police behavior and, in particular, behavior involving sexual activity,” he said.

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