UFC 278 LIVE |  Where and when is Kamaru Usman vs Leon Edwards2 fight?

UFC 278 LIVE | Where and when is Kamaru Usman vs Leon Edwards2 fight?

UFC 278 LIVE Where and when is Kamaru Usman

WATCH LIVE HERE Kamaru Usman vs Leon Edwards 2 | The fighters will fight for the UFC 278 Welterweight Championship this Saturday, August 20th. The event begins at 5:00 p.m. (Peruvian time) with the preliminary rounds, while the Stars are scheduled for 9:00 p.m. (Peruvian time) and will be televised by ESPN and Star Plus. In addition, you can follow this and all of today’s sporting events up to the minute on the La República Deportes website.

the Nigerian Kamaru UsmanMonarch of this welterweight competition meets the British with Jamaican roots Leon Edwards. The current champion is looking to take a win and bid farewell to welterweight; However, it won’t be easy against Edwards, who just beat American Nate Díaz and is hoping for a 16th straight win.

When does UFC 278 LIVE start?

The UFC 278 event takes place this Saturday, August 20th. The preliminary rounds will start at 19:00 (Peruvian time) while the stellar ones are scheduled for 21:00 (Peruvian time).

  • Mexico: 7:00 p.m. (Prelims) / 9:00 p.m. (Stellar)
  • Peru: 7pm / 9pm (Starlight)
  • Ecuador: 7pm / 9pm (Starlight)
  • Colombia: 19:00 / 21:00 (estelares)
  • Bolivia: 20.00 / 22.00 (Starlight)
  • Venezuela: 20:00 / 22:00 (stellar)
  • Paraguay: 20:00 / 22:00 (stellar)
  • Chile: 8 p.m. / 10 p.m. (stars)
  • Argentina: 21.00 / 23.00 (stars)
  • Uruguay: 21:00 / 23:00 (stellar)
  • Brazil: 9:00 p.m. / 11:00 p.m. (stellar).

What channel to watch UFC 278 LIVE on?

UFC 278 prelims will be broadcast by ESPN and Star Plus, while the stars like the Kamaru Usma versus Leon Edwards They only appear on the Star Plus streaming platform.

Where to tune in to UFC 278 LIVE on ESPN?

  • Peru: 504 SD and 740 HD (Movistar TV, Cable), 483 SD and 884 HD (Movistar Satellite TV), 621 SD and 1621 HD (DirecTV), 65 SD and 523 HD (Claro TV, Cable), 36 SD and 1711 HD (Clear TV, Satellite).
  • Argentina: 621 SD and 1621 HD (DirecTV), 22 analog and 103 digital/HD (Cablevisión), 104 digital and 1009 HD (Telecentro), 24 SD and 154 HD (Antina), 14 analog, 102 digital and 1000 HD (Supercanal ).
  • Uruguay: 621 SD and 1621 HD (DirecTV).
  • Colombia: 621 SD and 1621 HD (DirecTV), 483 SD and 884 HD (Movistar TV), 511 SD and 1511 HD (Claro TV, Cable), 510 SD and 540 HD (Claro TV, Satellite).
  • Chile: 621 SD and 1621 HD (DirecTV), 480 SD and 884 HD (Movistar TV), 174 SD and 474 HD (Claro TV); 49 (Santiago), 53 (Valparaíso), 55 (Concepción) and 841 HD (VTR).
  • Ecuador: 621 SD and 1621 HD (DirecTV), 200 SD and 730 HD (Cable TV Group), 302 SD and 703 HD (CNT).
  • Bolivia: 54 (Cotas), 508 SD and 701 HD (Tigo), 40 (Entel), 105 and 507 SD and 508 HD (Inter Satelital).
  • Paraguay: 63 SD and 124 HD (Claro TV).
  • Venezuela: 621 SD (SimpleTV), 483 SD (Movistar TV), 105 HD (Inter Satellite).

How do I access Star Plus to watch UFC 278?

To access Star Plus to view the UFC278you have To with your personal data on the website of this streaming service. Go to www.starplus.com and log in with your username and password. In case you are not registered, the platform offers you up to three types of subscriptions so that you can enjoy all the content available.

How to watch UFC 278 FREE ONLINE?

So don’t miss the broadcast UFC278 online you can tune into the Star Plus signal, a streaming service through which you can access the full program of sporting events. In case you are unable to attend, you will have the opportunity to follow ONLINE coverage of this commitment via La República Deportes.

UFC 278 fight card


  • Leonardo Santos (Brazil) vs. Jared Gordon (USA)
  • Wu Yanan (China) vs. Lucie Podilova (Czech Republic)
  • Sean Woodson (USA) vs. Luis Saldana (Mexico/USA)
  • Miranda Maverick (USA) vs. Shanna Young (EE.UU.).


  • Kamaru Usman (Nigeria) vs Nigeria Leon Edwards (Jamaica/England)
  • Paulo Costa (Brazil) vs. Luck Rockhold (EE.UU.)
  • José Aldo (Brazil) vs. Merab Dvalishvili (Georgia/USA)
  • Marcin Tybura (Polonia) vs. Alexander Romanov (Moldova)
  • Tyson Pedro (Australia) vs. Harry Hunsucker (EE.UU.).