UeD previews Ida vs Roberta unexpected ending but top for.webp

UeD previews, Ida vs. Roberta: unexpected ending, but top for Maria

The Men’s and Women’s Previews They report one heated argument between Ida Platano and Roberta Di Padua in the studio while recording today, November 20, 2023. But everything ended with a surprise. These moments will air in the coming weeks and in the meantime, Lorenzo Pugnaloni reveals some new details on Instagram. Ida initially continues her journey in the role of Tronista and in particular gets to know her Cuban admirer, who was added to the show last week. His name is David and it seems that he can’t convince Tina Cipollari, who attacked him a little in the studio. Instead, Platano gets along well with him.

In the studio, however There is no calm atmosphere between Ida and Roberta. The previews of the last few weeks have shown that Di Padua was inclined to leave the past behind, with all the conflicts that saw her as a protagonist with her former “colleague”. However, the Tronista appears to have had no intention of doing so. And so, during today’s new recording, Ida accused Roberta of always getting involved in other people’s relationships. This happened because the lady of Cassino began an acquaintance with Marco Antonio, who has been dating Manuela for some time.

Di Padua didn’t stop there. As a matter of fact, UeD’s previews they point this out Roberta and Marco Antonio kissed. For this reason, Manuela decided to end the acquaintance with the knight, which was welcomed by many viewers. At this point, recording has begun “a very strong argument” between Ida and Roberta. Platano recalled the moments when the Lady of Cassino dated in the past with knights with whom she shared an important past, such as Riccardo Guarnieri and Alessandro Vicinanza. This with the accusation of always interfering in other people’s stories.

In the end, this heated conflict appears to have ended in peace. Well, it finally seems so the wish of Maria De Filippi has come true. The moderator always invited Ida and Roberta to become friends and support each other. The landlady had pointed out several times that there were actually a lot of similarities. On the other hand, it is clear that Maria has great sympathy for both of them. In the end they hugged to ‘make peace’.”, it is read. Also, two boys came over for Roberta, but she decided she didn’t know them.

Previews for men and women: Claudia and Alessio, is it really over and where is Armando?

What’s going on in between? Claudia Lenti and Alessio Pili Stella? After the arrival of her ex-boyfriend, the knight now seems to have distanced herself. In today’s recording, the lady in the studio wanted to talk to him again. Claudia also gave Alessio a frame with her photo. However, Pili Stella has shown that he is firm in his position and does not want to start over again. Therefore, he reiterated that their acquaintance was over.

She’s now noticed the absence of Armando Incarnato, which raises doubts. The Neapolitan knight returned to the studio to record in recent weeks. After that, nothing more was revealed through previews. Has Incarnato not returned to the program permanently or are there obligations that prevent him from taking part in the recordings? These are the doubts that arise in the face of his absence after his unexpected return.