Two years after her death was announced writer Susan Meachen

Two years after her death was announced, writer Susan Meachen resurfaces and shares her news on Facebook

This Thursday, January 5th, Susan Meachen shared her news with her fans on social networks. Something to surprise those who thought she was dead as of October 2020.

Everyone thought she was dead for more than two years. In October 2020, the daughter of Susan Meachen announces the suicide of the author of the novels Losing and Finding You, Stolen Moments and Love Lasts A Lifetime, for which she was harassed on social networks, indicates The Point.

A fundraiser is even being organized to help his family complete his latest book, the BBC adds. The surprise is therefore total when the latter reappears this Thursday 5 January in the private Facebook group The Ward.

The shock of internet users

Susan Meachen then realizes that her suicide was staged by her relatives while she had made the decision to be interned to “work with her psychiatrist and her therapist to get well”.

As Here points out, netizens did not hide their shock when they learned that Susan Meachen was still alive and had communicated with them under a pseudonym for two years.

“It goes beyond psychosis, whether it’s Susan herself or her daughter making these comments, to knowingly mislead someone who is grieving. Now I’m suspicious of anyone I’ve never met in person, who I’m friends with on Facebook, and so on is really sad,” wrote writer Samantha A.Cole, quoted by our colleagues, responded in particular.

Legal action is now being considered against those who took part in the fundraiser organized during the announcement of his fake suicide.