Two rings in Edmonton for one in Montreal

Two rings in Edmonton for one in Montreal

Danny Maciocia touched me like a man’s devil. On Sunday, the Alouettes football boss meets with his squad on the fall lawn at Molson Stadium. Around 12:40 p.m., people begin to settle in the stands.

His boys will be ready. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats too. But Maciocia won’t give a big speech. Neither Saturday evening nor Sunday. He has already told his players this week how lucky they are to be able to play at home. in front of her world. He will simply remember certain important details.

“If we have to make big speeches in front of our world before a playoff game, it means we missed something during the season. We’ll just go about our usual routine,” Maciocia notes. Without insisting.

Not everyone is talking about his Alouettes yet. It may come with victories. And work. But the foundations are solid. There are 21 Canadian players in the Alouettes. And 11 or 12 Quebecers. The president is from Quebec, as are the coach and general manager. This means that some Zoiseau players will have cousins, cousins, parents, father, mother, siblings, blondes, friends and acquaintances in the stands.

Such is the case with Danny Maciocia. And it grabs him in the pit of his stomach.

The man won the Vanier Cup with the Carabins where he had job security and many benefits.

Twice in Alberta

He also won in Edmonton. Twice the Gray Cup with the Eskimos. When it wasn’t forbidden to call them by their names.

“I won and it was a great joy. But in Edmonton I lived with my little family and nobody else to share the victories with. It’s simple, I would trade my two Gray Cup rings in Edmonton for one I won in Montreal. With mine,” Maciocia said in an interview yesterday.

And then, while he won’t insist on that point with his players, Maciocia is enjoying the days leading up to Sunday’s game even more so the last two pandemic seasons have been awful.

“Mario Cecchini was a present, very personal president. He held everyone by staying close. His leadership, his attitude played a big role. And Sunday is kind of the culmination of everything we’ve been through. I want the players to know that they will share these happy moments with viewers who have come to share an important moment with them. A full stadium is great,” said Maciocia.

A good show

In addition, the Alouettes put on a very good show. Even with defeats. He scores a lot, the ball flies through the air and moves well on the ground, the game is spectacular and someone taking a nap could miss four touchdowns. Maciocia laughs.

“Let’s say the ball is moving and we’re trying to have a defense that knows how to make life difficult for the opponent’s attacks. One thing is for sure, for the amount you paid for your ticket we offer you great value for money. You get what you pay for. »

Another win would be perfect.

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