two influencers knocked out live by TPMP columnists

two influencers knocked out live by TPMP columnists

This Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022, in Touche pas à mon poste, the influencers Polska and Tootatis were knocked out by the columnists.

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This Monday, October 31, 2022, a video by the influencer Polska went viral on the social network Tik Tok. Viewed more than 2.8 million times on the social network, it shows how the young woman and her friend are thrown out of a Parisian restaurant. “Tootatis and I got kicked out of a restaurant for our cutout,” she wrote in the caption.

Polska and Tootatis were fired from a restaurant for their “inappropriate” outfits

In the pictures we hear the manager of the establishment rejecting the two starlets because of their inappropriate clothing. This Wednesday, November 2, 2022, Polska and Tootatis were on the set of Touche, not at my post. When Cyril Hanouna defended her on set, columnists supported the restaurant’s decision.


A snippet = no restaurants 😍

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“Where’s the scandal? He doesn’t want naked chicks in his restaurant”, Benjamin Castaldi reacted. Supported by Danielle Moreau, “you have to set limits to life (…) it’s not a feminist struggle, very few women find themselves in you”.

As for Guillaume Genton, who would have had a romance with Ayem Nour, he didn’t mince words about the two influencers.“That’s all I hate in social networks (…) i find it appalling. You don’t want to work instead of making videos that are useless?” he swung.

Columnists confront them, netizens add a layer

An opinion widely shared by internet users.“Tootatis she thinks she kills it with her looks except it’s embarrassing”, “Guillaume Genton going down in Poland and Tootatis #TPMP is a genius”, “I’ve rarely seen human beings that looked so stupid ‘ concluded Guillaume Genton Tootanis and Polska …’ read on Twitter.

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