Two Cubans Are Murdered in a Hotel in Mexico Latest

Two Cubans Are Murdered in a Hotel in Mexico Latest news from Cuba and Cubans around the world

According to information published in local media, two Cuban migrants were murdered in a hotel in Monterrey, Mexico, in the early hours of this Monday.

According to initial police reports, at least two people entered the Hotel La Silla at the intersection of Juan Méndez and Juan Guzmán streets in Monterrey, and later witnesses heard several firearm detonations.

The newspaper Telediario reported that the murders of the Cubans in the mentioned hotel in Mexico took place in different rooms.

“It is believed that the first crime occurred in room 130, while the attackers later went to room number 226, from where they kidnapped a man to attack him,” reports the above-mentioned agency.

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Local authorities went to the site after the first reports were made; They found the two young men dead at the scene.

It turned out that one of the Cubans was barely 17 and the other 25.

The police then moved into the area and arrested a suspect in the double murder that took place at a hotel in the Sarabia district of the municipality of Monterrey.

The subject was arrested a few blocks from where the double homicide took place trying to flee in a vehicle with two other suspects who managed to escape, journalist Ray Elizalde said.

“After allegedly killing two Cubans at Hotel “La Silla” in Col. Sarabia #Monterrey, the gunman was arrested by city police a few blocks from the double execution site, they tried to flee in a car, two suspects escaped, ‘ the communicator wrote. Mexicans on Facebook.

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