Two Cuban women killed in traffic accident in Mexico are identified

Two Cuban women killed in traffic accident in Mexico are identified

Two Cuban nationals were identified among the dead the fatal traffic accident happened on Friday night in the Mexican state of Puebla in Mexico.

Is about Yaritza Rodríguez Bruzon, 43-year-old Cuban who died in Tehuacán General Hospital, Puebla. According to the authorities of this place, the other Cuban is called Tamarabut the surnames and age are unknown, and he would have died at the scene.

“The INAMI publishes the list of injured and deceased following the unfortunate events of Friday August 12 at 22:00 at km 62 of the El Seco – Azumbilla highway in the town of Santa Ana Ocotepec Cañada Morelos, Puebla “. announced the government of Tehuacán via Twitter.

The first information about the fatal accident indicated a preliminary balance of six dead migrants of different nationalities, including Cubans, and ten injured. Four deaths were reported as minors.

In the report this Monday from the government of Tehuacán, the death toll rises to sevenof whom two Cubans have been identified (one of them awaiting further information), two minors and three fatalities whose ages are unknown, including the Cuban woman identified as Tamara.

List of accident fatalities up to 08/15/2022

The statement also reports nine injured different considerations, of which seven migrants are heavy and two are stable. Among the serious ones, the 30-year-old Cuban Daimirys Morales Jerezwho remains in the General Hospital of Tehuacán.

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