Twins are born with different complexions, the mother: “People ask me if they are both my children”

Twins are born with different complexions, the mother: “People ask me if they are both my children”

Give birth to two Twinsnever children You have a Skin color different from each other. Chantelle Broughton29, from Nottingham, of complexion Chiara was speechless when she saw her twins that she had with her partner Jamaican origin.

The children were actually born with a different skin color, so people who meet them ask if they are both their children.

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Different twins

Ayon and Azirah are very different twins. Ayon was born at Nottingham City Hospital with fair skin and green eyes shortly after Azirah was born, who had a much darker complexion and brown eyes.

Rare case

This is a very rare case, but not impossible. Chantelle said the babies didn’t look very different when they were born, but as the weeks went by the change became more apparent.

Grandfather of Nigerian descent

The woman married a man of Jamaican descent so she expected her children to be darker, but she didn’t suspect any difference between the two. She herself explained that, despite her fair complexion, she was actually of mixed race since her grandfather was of Nigerian descent.

The curiosity

The twins are very different, not only physically: Azirah is a very calm and always relaxed child, while Ayon demands a lot of attention and cries more often. Despite this, the little ones, who are now 4 months old, already seem to have a great deal of understanding between them. Chantelle confessed that she arouses a lot of curiosity in people, she is often stopped for the diversity of her children, to the point where someone would even have asked her if they both belong to her.

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