Twenty year old dragged under car naked for miles The

Twenty year old dragged under car naked for miles. The mother: “She was raped by 5 men”, but the police

A terrible death. A 20-year-old girl was hit by a car on her scooter and then dragged four kilometers down the road, although some local media write the distance was 12 kilometers, in a tragic, almost unbelievable death Anjali Singha young woman who was killed returning from a work event in New Delhi India.

Incomprehensible because it is hard to believe that a person driving the Maruti Suzuki Baleno, along with 4 other passengers, does not notice the accident and the noise caused by the friction and continues his march.

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Hypothesis of the fake accident

The victim’s brother, along with his mother, is convinced that Anjali is in fact the victim of a rape committed by a group of men, which was covered up in an abnormal and unreliable way by the police, who deny the allegations made by the two family members .

Meanwhile, riots are mounting in the city: a crowd took to the streets to protest the police decision to arrest the five men aboard the car, but with light charges, rather than the murder of the young Indian . But there is more that could arouse the suspicions of Anjali’s brother and the city’s prefect, as one of the five suspects belongs to the BJP party, as does Indian Prime Minister Modi.

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pack raped?

The mystery surrounding Anjali Singh’s death takes on even more disturbing contours as the young woman was found fully naked by her brother, who rushed to verify her identity after the accident. Hence the rape hypothesis, a controversial thesis that was rejected by the Indian police, but Rekha Sharma, President of the National Women’s Commission, asked the Delhi Police chief to “provide correct information as to what happened” as soon as possible. .

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understand autopsy

“I’ve been waiting for him to come back from work,” said the distraught mother, “but how is it possible he’s not wearing any clothes? What kind of accident could it have been? And then the police don’t show us the body, but I want justice for my daughter.” Meanwhile, the National Women’s Commission has asked the New Delhi Police to perform an autopsy on the girl’s body to determine if she was raped before she was killed was killed.

Last updated: Monday 02 January 2023 03:47 pm