“TV   ‘s monopoly is over,” says Malvino Salvador

“TV ‘s monopoly is over,” says Malvino Salvador

Malvino Salvador will appear in the Amazon Prime Video series (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

The last few years have been a time of farewell for many TV Globo actors, presenters and journalists. Big names left the station, including Camila Queiroz, Lzaro Ramos, Juliana Paes, Fausto Silva, Chico Pinheiro and Michelle Barros.

Malvino Salvador spoke to columnist Lucas Pasin of Splash portal about the issue during an event in Rio da Mais Cabello, the actor was one of those who broke the fixed contract with the channel.

His last work on the channel was in A dona do pedão in 2019. Malvino opened his heart and spoke about the freedom he and his fellow professionals can have without a permanent contract with plin plin, stressing that the entire audiovisual industry is going through new times.

“The market has changed a lot, it’s opened up, it’s more competitive and so we have more freedom and career opportunities. I was privileged because I was part of a time where I had work but a lot of actors didn’t have opportunities.” It’s better for everyone today. TV Globo’s monopoly is over, it’s still in power in what it does, but others produce too,” he stressed.

The eternal girl does not rule out the return of the Roberto Marinho family (19042003), to which he belonged for 16 years, emphasizing: “There will no longer be a monopoly, this is an advantage for everyone, including Globo, to move even further to improve. to have the opportunity to do other jobs there. Just because I left doesn’t mean I can’t come back.”

After 21 years as an actor, Salvador will do his first series of his career. The artist will bring to life Captain Gabriel Menck, a police chief negotiator and a member of the GATE (Group of Special Tactics) of the military police. This is his first job since leaving the Globo cast in January 2020.

“I was very excited about the role and the opportunity. It’s a crime series, a genre I’ve always admired and wanted to do. I had never had an opportunity in this genre and I had never done a series, only a soap opera. This new job came at the right time,” she celebrated.

In the crime thriller titled The Negotiator, based on the book of the same name by Digenes Lucca. The artist praised the thriller directed by Bell Valiante, the first season of the Amazon Prime Video series produced by Zasha Robles and Gustavo Mello of Spiral International and Boutique Films, respectively. The cast also includes Brbara Reiss, Csar Mello, Emlio de Mello and Rodrigo dos Santos.

“It’s a plot, a conspiracy, on top of that character, and I can say that the last chapter is surprising. I’m really very happy. Here, in a wonderful team, I have encountered highly qualified professionals who want to deliver the best product”.

Malvino Salvador

The Negotiator, starring Malvino Salvador, an Amazon Prime Video production (Photo: Divulgao/Amazon Prime Video)