TV nostalgia Louis Olivier Mauffette could have been the new Fardoche

TV nostalgia: Louis-Olivier Mauffette could have been the “new” Fardoche

For Louis-Olivier Mauffette, like so many others, the 1970s and 1980s deserved the seal master key on TV. As an adult, the actor would have loved to have been part of the second version… And he would have come close.

Louis-Olivier, which children’s programs influenced you?


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I come from the generation that had Les Oraliens and Les Cent Tours de Centour. There was something from the realm of magic; it was realistic, but there was something supernatural about it. Petit Castor and Démétan’s whole family was there too, but it was far too sad… And the king of the world was Passe-Partout: morning or evening, it was never too much.

Did you watch a lot of TV when you were young?

I was ultra athletic and my parents always let us go free of everything, my sisters and me. It just happened; We always managed to keep the balance. My parents never had to say, “Put down the TV, put down the Nintendo and go play outside”. We had a cabin, so we skied all weekend…

Is there a character or comedian that influenced you?

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Of course I have to say the name Jacques L’Heureux, but when I was young my brain didn’t understand as long as he was a guy separate from the character of Passe-Montagne. At that age I had no idea that I wanted to be an actor; I found out very late.

Would you have seen yourself in Passe-Montagne’s skin?

I auditioned for Fardoche for the second version of Passe-Partout. It went very well, so in the end my name was among the possible options. […] My brain has already said: “Ayoye, I can be the next Fardoche!”.

Why fardoche?


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Because I have a Lumberjack cast. I wear red and black checked shirts, I’ve lived in the forest for 10 years, I’m down to earth, I have a beard, I have a stern look that Fardoche had but funny at the same time […] By Widemir Normil [le nouveau Fardoche, NDLR] came to play at Gazebo, I kept fooling him and telling him that he stole my part. (laughs)

Is there a song from a show that sticks in your mind?

I can still sing you Minifée, Le Petit Castor and Candy. I will never forget you.

Which universe should the children discover?

Ideas for teenagers come to me. Sometimes I have concepts in mind to re-approach their reality […] At the moment I’m writing for adults but it might well be that at some point I want to talk about teenagers, starting with three teenage girls who have taken on a challenge… Something grittier like Gazebo, something closer to what teenagers live …

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