tunes out Ana Marias program and enters with a death

tunes out Ana Maria’s program and enters with a death cry that makes all of Brazil weep

Ana Maria Braga did not present “Mais Você” on the Globo screen so that the broadcaster could show King Pelé’s wake

Globo changed the entire morning program this Monday (2) due to the death of King Pele. One of these changes directly affected Ana Maria Braga.

Aside from the fact that Patrícia Poeta has spent less time on the air, “Mais Você” wasn’t even shown so the network could jump in with some kind of live call.

Globo decided to show Pelé’s wake, which began at 10 a.m., and for this reason occupied the track that precisely includes the transition from one program to another.


Although Ana Maria Braga did not present Mais Você this morning, she left a message for all viewers via social networks. The veteran wrote a message of hope for those who follow her daily.

“Happy 2023. 365 opportunities to be happy are coming. New ways to make dreams come true, achieve victories, overcome challenges, find love, break ties…everything you want and need for yourself. Use this night to reflect on who you will be next year. Stay healthy and enjoy it!” wished the presenter.

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Last week, Ana Maria Braga used the space she has in Mais Você to talk about a delicate situation she went through with Pelé. After a serious car accident, the presenter had the opportunity to meet the king.

The blonde said she was in a coma for four months and even crushed her liver when the vehicle crashed. She was taken to a hospital in Santos and her cousin, who studied sport under Pelé, accompanied the player to visit the presenter.

Back then, Ana Maria Braga was a street reporter for TV Tupi and even got a TV from the king. She also shared a picture of an interview she conducted with the late athlete in 1974.

Ana Maria Braga gave way to Pelé's wake (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)Ana Maria Braga gave way to Pelé’s wake (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

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