1664692915 Tu si Que Vales the photo of the attack on

Tu si Que Vales, the photo of the attack on Maria De Filippi: shock live

Tu si Que Vales the photo of the attack on

A touching moment and to Tu si Que Vales. Maria DeFilippi Go back in time. An illusionist showed her a photo of the attack she and Maurizio Costanzo suffered on Via Fauro in Rome in 1993 in the last episode. A mafia attack that the couple luckily survived unscathed.

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“I’m a time traveller,” says Spanish illusionist Antonio, who challenged Richter. And he adds: “Since I know you won’t believe it, I’ll prove it to you.” At this point he looks at Maria De Filippi: “I want you to come up with a special memory that you remember exactly when it happened.” The immediate answer is “It happened at 9:35 am on May 14, 1993,” referring to that tragic date that forever marked his life. “What happened in this memory?” asks the illusionist, “A bomb exploded”, De Filippi confines himself to saying without explaining what really happened in Via Fauro.

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At this point, the illusionist takes a photo that shows just a moment of the attack. And behind click there is the exact date of the bomb in Via Fauro. DeFilippi was speechless, and indeed, the astonishment in the studio was universal among the other judges, who were struck by the illusionist’s gesture.