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Tu si que vales, De Filippi embarrasses Ferilli: " e are your text messages"

Tu si que vales De Filippi embarrasses Ferilli quot e

Maria DeFilippi embarrasses Sabrina Ferilli on Tu si que Vales, Canale Cinque’s Saturday night show. De Filippi actually revealed that Ferilli sent her voice messages on WhatsApp with “commands” and “commands” for the transfer. And during the episode with requests that the moderator defines “orders” and “commands” regarding the transmission.

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And during the episode, De Filippi asked the director to make her listen. “A week ago, Sabrina sent me some vowels ordering things for me,” says the host of C’e Posta per Te. “I order?!?” replies immediately Ferilli. “Yes, orders regarding this transfer,” De Filippi continues. “Ahhh, I’m ordering…” the The Great Beauty actress replies again. “Orders,” says De Filippi.

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“So I directed all these WhatsApp messages to the director so that they will hear and that they are a prelude to the number that you have prepared. “But look, you really have to pay attention to how I speak,” Ferilli now replies embarrassed. And so on to the first message: “Thanks if you can let the show know I have a bunch of magic to do. It’s about ten minutes if you can kindly let the show know so you can put it in the lineup moment. Ferilli. Thank you,” Ferilli said to De Filippi via her WhatsApp. However, Ferilli still replies: “Listen, but who should I talk to to get a minimum of items for my magic number?”. In short, the curtain was then drawn closed in a few minutes, but the embarrassment of the actress was certainly not absent for the messages revealed by De Filippi.