Tu si que vales Belen Rodriguez dares to do it

“Tú sí que vales”, Belen Rodriguez dares to do it again: maxi neckline in fluorescent green

Belen Rodriguez continues to dare and for the third installment of Tú sí que vales she has not only focused on color but also on a maxi neckline and a slit long neon green dress of a Hollywood diva. Sabrina Ferilli is no less, at Dolce & Gabbana, with one black dress with floral prints, very eye-catching. Meanwhile, the price of the garment worn by the actress is being discussed online. On Canale 5, however, eyes will be on the performances of competitors from the hit Mediaset show, who will see magicians, contortionists, dancers, tightrope walkers and more take the stage tonight.

Belen osa: Hollywood look for Italian Saturday

The success of Tú sí que vales is certainly given by the guaranteed fun and the performances of the artists at the highest level. An exciting but also fun race thanks to the four judges, an infallible team: Maria De Filippi, Gerry Scotti, Teo Mammuccari and Rudi Zerbi.

However, the absolute protagonists who steal the show are you, Belen Rodriguez and Sabrina Ferilli. The presenter and the actress, chairmen of the popular jury, also conquered the audience with their very different but both striking looks in the third episode of the show, which will be broadcast on Saturday October 1st.

Let’s start with Belenwho, after yellow from the second episode, chose the this time Luminous green. A Evening maxi dress reminiscent of the Hollywood red carpet, with sweeping neckline and slit, like the color choice. Narrow shoulders, mermaid skirt, floral print (like Sabrina but tone on tone) and ponytail, high and pulled up (a must for this fall): the details make the difference, like her stilettos. The jewels, minimal, only serve to further illuminate the image of Rodriguez.

A look worthy of Saturday nights that also reminds us of the glories of those great programs of the past, to which Tú sí que vales in its own way is also a little inspired in the looks.

Sabrina Ferilli chooses Dolce & Gabbana

From her red armchair, the leader of the popular jury of Tú sí que vales, Sabrina Ferilli, is always ready to offer judgements, compliments and, why not, criticism to the participants. But mostly to entertain and amuse us with his irrepressible Roman panache his duets with Maria De Filippiwho conquer the audience in every episode.

Elegant and always feminine, even the national Sabrina dared this week with a black knee-length dress with a striking floral print: indeed large red roses and their green thorns intertwine on this creationand, already anticipated by Ferilli in her Instagram stories. The actress loves long sleeve shift dresses like this one by Dolce & Gabbana.

The dress is also available on the brand’s official website, and the price is already being discussed on the Internet: 1750 euros. How did she complete her look? With a pair of red open toe shoes like the roses in the print. A nice contrast to last week’s black dress but completely covered in dots of light which made Sabrina Ferilli’s infectious smile stand out even more.