1664697736 Tu si Que Vales Belen forbidden quotorgasm on stagequotall speechless

Tu si Que Vales, Belen forbidden: "orgasm on stage"all speechless

Tu si Que Vales Belen forbidden quotorgasm on stagequotall speechless

Belen amazes everyone at Tu si Que Vales. For the new episode of the Saturday night show from channel fiveThe Argentinian showgirl opted for a green dress that left little room for imagination. An evening maxi dress that pays homage to the Hollywood red carpet, with a neckline and slit that literally sent Argentinian fans spinning. And so did Teo Mammucari when he faked an orgasm during the show.

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The right choice of dress is underlined by her narrow shoulders, the high and pulled up ponytail, which goes very well with the mermaid skirt. Details that certainly did not go unnoticed on the stage of the program and on social media, many wanted to send a message to Belen to emphasize their appreciation for the choice of outfit. Belen is increasingly the undisputed protagonist of the Canale Cinque program, where she carries out a challenge to sensuality with Sabrina Ferilli.

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The Roman actress wears very tight dresses that actually accentuate her intact forms at 58 and are still sexy. In short, on Mediset Saturday, two icons of beauty face each other on television. And as always, audiences are divided between fans of Ferilli and Belen. We’ll have to wait for the next installment to understand what the choices are for the new look.

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