Try the new experience of Googles artificial intelligence search engine

Try the new experience of Google’s artificial intelligence search engine – Futura

To counter Microsoft’s lead on Bing AI, Google Search is introducing Generative Experience. This experimental version of the search engine offers AI-generated answers and source links.

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Google is putting a lot of effort into getting to Microsoft’s level with Bing AI and ChatGPT. To achieve this, the Internet giant has just announced the launch of Search Generative Experience (SGE) on its blog. This is an experimental version of the search engine powered by artificial intelligence responses. With SGE, instead of a list of website links like ChatGPT, the AI ​​answers questions in natural language in a green or blue box and adds links pointing to the sources it uses. It is possible to refine the answers by having a conversation with this chatbot. To access SGE, you must first register. It should be noted that the tool is currently only available in the US and in English for a limited number of users. But just like Bard, it’s possible to be put on a waiting list.

Experimental tools

Once you’re connected to your Google account, click this link in the Chrome browser to check if you’re eligible for this trial. You may immediately see a message that this program is not yet available for your account. However, if you are eligible, a Labs icon will appear. If you click on it, you can add yourself to the waiting list. As for Bard, once the tool is available, a confirmation email will be sent via Gmail. As Google hinted at during its I/O conference, more experimental features are available in this “lab.” This applies in particular to the code generator, which is directly accessible in the search tool, or the integration of AI in Google Sheets.