Trump’s FBI searched for documents on nuclear weapons.  And he’s not opposed to releasing the search warrant

Trump’s FBI searched for documents on nuclear weapons. And he’s not opposed to releasing the search warrant

At the former president’s home, the FBI searched for material containing information about nuclear weapons. The Right: “We don’t think Biden was groping in the dark”

The documents the Justice Department and FBI were looking for during the Aug. 8 raid in Mar-a-Lago contained information about nuclear weapons. The news, released overnight by the Washington Post, if confirmed, would explain an unprecedented decision to intervene to take these papers from a former US President’s home “for fear they might end up in the wrong people.” hands would guess”.

The New York Times wrote last night that the documents were classified as top-class classified, with the label “special access programs” “usually reserved for US-led operations abroad.”
This is the new chapter in the Aug. 8 “Mar-a-Lago Raid” that has led to an escalation of allegations and death threats against the judiciary and FBI officials over the past few days. Yesterday in Cincinnati, Ohio, a gunman tried to break into the local FBI office: After being killed in a shootout with agents, it was revealed that Ricky Shiffer – as he is known – was present in January’s attack on Congress 6.

The Department’s Attorney General and Chief Justice Merrick Garland said yesterday that he personally made the decision to authorize the search and did not do so “recklessly” and without first considering less intrusive methods. Garland also asked the Florida judge who signed the search warrant to make it public.
Trump, who may contest the disclosure, wrote on Truth Social, his social network: “Not only will I not object to the release of documents related to the March raid and unjustified and unnecessary search of my home in Palm Beach, Florida. a Lago. But I will go one step further by encouraging her immediate release. But the decision still rests with the Southern District Court of Florida.

On the right, however, no one is convinced. The Wall Street Journal criticized the decision to rescind the mandate (“an initiative that broke an institutional tradition that had lasted 232 years”) and Garland’s own two-minute press conference (“which left more doubts than certainties”).

Right-wing television Fox News continues to criticize FBI Director Cristopher Wray’s silence on the operation and does not believe that Joe Biden, who is currently on vacation with his son Hunter, did not know about the raid (the White House spokesman said, he didn’t do it). informed before the search). And when the attorney general defended the integrity and patriotism of his department officials and FBI agents in yesterday’s speech, right-wing commentators retort, “You’ve had Hunter’s laptop for two years, how can you? Are you talking about impartiality in the application of the law?” And Trump on Truth Social: “I keep asking what happened to the 33 million pages Obama took from Chicago?”.

Aug 12, 2022 (Modified Aug 12, 2022 | 11:40am)