Trump will be questioned under oath over tax investigation

Trump will be questioned under oath over tax investigation

donald trump arrived at the New York City Attorney’s Office, where he will be questioned under oath as part of the investigation by Attorney General Letitia JamesExamination of tax returns the Trump organization. The American media reported. But the former president said in a statement that he would not answer questions “based on the rights afforded to every citizen by the American Constitution” and then take action against the prosecutor.

“I did nothing wrong – he explained – and that’s why federal, state and local governments have found nothing along with the fake news after five years of investigations,” says Trump, alleging that James’ campaign was against him, his family and his through recklessness Company. “He created a political platform and made a career out of attacking me and my company,” Trump adds, speaking of a “politically motivated witch hunt.”

The tycoon is under investigation for his businesses, possibly inflating the values ​​of his fortune to get better financial terms. “Tonight in New York City. Tomorrow I will see the racist Attorney General of New York to continue the largest witch hunt in US history,” the former president commented on his Truth Social last night. “My big company and myself are under attack from all sides. Banana Republic!”

A potentially crucial turning point in the legal events that will affect Trump comes for the tycoon and former President of the United States a few days after the FBI searched his Mar-a-Lago residence at a particularly sensitive moment in the search for documents, that Trump might be able to take with him after leaving the White House.

The former president has consented to testimony in the past, but in this particular case, he has repeatedly shown reluctance, the New York Times points out, to the point that he has dismissed the statement as fundamental to the outcome of the inheritance investigation until now could postpone history of the tycoon and his family and in particular of the family business, the well-known Trump Organization.

The FBI banned Donald Trump’s associates and attorneys from approaching and witnessing the “Mar-Lago raid.” hopefully not, attach evidence”. Donald Trump says so. “Why did you insist on having nobody? Despite the major disputes they had, there has never been a crackdown on Obama or Clinton,” he adds.

And among Trump’s supporters and allies, the hypothesis of a spy in Mar-a-Lago is spreading. And this is where the belief comes in that there is a “treacherous mole” in the former president’s home who would have reported information to the FBI and who would therefore be behind the federal agents’ blitz. The mole, they argue, would have given the FBI information and evidence about what was really at Mar-a-Lago.

Florida, Trump supporters gathered outside his FBI-raid residence