1673338994 Trujillo Father and son will face each other at the

Trujillo: Father and son will face each other at the presentation of the Carlos Mannucci club

Trujillo Father and son will face each other at the

Tricolor Night 2023. The most popular football team in Trujillo, one of the most popular in northern Peru, will present its professional squad to the fans this Wednesday, January 11th. the Carlos Mannucci Club will receive the Junior from Barranquilla (Colombia) at Mansiche Stadium and a full house is expected.

This game, to be played at 20:00 CET, will have something special about it, and not because it’s a historic rivalry between the two clubs or a re-run of a recent game, but because it’s about a father and his son acts.

In the Trujillo colossus, Uruguayans Mario Viera, coach of the Carlist club, and Sebastián Viera, captain and goalkeeper of the juniors will face off. Both will of course be aiming for victory to get off to a good start in their respective local tournaments.

Sebastian Viera and Mario Viera. Photo: Composition LR/Capsulas.com.co

In an interview with ESPN in May 2020, the goalkeeper recalled his early days with his father, who had been his personal coach since he was 8 years old. be position mates, Sebastián recalled that he was very demandingbut that each session was a master class.

“He was 8 or 9 years old, but he trained us as if we were men, he asked us to do it. So that was the basis that made us mature very quickly (…) and I got used to the training more than anyone else,” he explained at the time.

Three Color Night 2023

The game will take place on Wednesday 11 January at 8pm at Mansiche Stadium. Ticket prices range from 5 to 60 soles. Children under 12 accompanied by a paying adult are admitted free.